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The Hat

The wedding was a British-influenced affair. My niece was marrying an Englishman. The groom wore tails and an antique top hat from the 1800s. My nieces’ beautiful wedding dress was made in Ireland. They took this British thing seriously and many guests were making the trip from Britain; including his family.

The invitations outlined that they encouraged guests to dress in formal wear and hats were highlighted for the ladies.

I took that as an invitation to emulate the British ladies and go all out with my hat. I’ve seen so many pictures of Camilla on her wedding day and her massive hat. I’ve seen some of the totally bizarre fascinators that many of the ladies wore to Prince Williams’ wedding so I thought...why not? If they want hats I’ll wear a hat. A real, British-style hat.

But where do I get one?

I have been to Bermuda several times and as a British protectorate country they have many British traditions. The ladies there all dress to the nines for Sunday church. Every one of them wears a hat along with a beautiful dress or suit and heels. It’s really fun to see them as they gather for conversation outside the church.


Every time I’ve been to Bermuda, it’s been in winter, so I took to buying hats that I could wear at Easter. I have a whole collection of them, so if this had been a spring wedding I’d have had a spring hat in my collection that I could have worn. But I had no hats that would be appropriate for a formal occasion that took place in October. Darn.

This provided a conundrum.

One option would be to buy a new hat. That would not be a problem in Chicago. We have all the big Michigan Avenue stores where you can buy anything. Challenge is it all comes at a price. A hefty price. And how often would I wear the hat here?

I was all set to go ahead and invest in a beautiful hat.


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