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A “Titanic” Update

Many of you have been asking how Titan is doing. Titan is the newest addition to our kitty family.

Titan came to us at 2.5 pounds.

Our little champ weighs in at a lean fighting weight of 11.6 pounds today.

He’s 10 months old and will grow to as large as 16 pounds.

That’s why we named him Titan.


Speaking of fighting...Titan has decided that Tut (our other male cat) is a chew toy. When Titan gets bored and wants to tussle, he goes and finds Tut. Tut is nine years old but he’s getting along with Titan and treats him like a little brother. They have lick fests sometimes but then Titan will just decide to chomp on one of Tut’s limbs and then the fighting begins. Their new thing is boxing matches. Neither of them have their front claws so it’s really kind of cute to watch them slap each other in the face. Back and forth. Not much hissing. Just fun play. When one or the other gets tired they seem respectful and just let it drop. Tut used to be 13 pounds. Since Titan arrived Tut has been getting a lot more exercise and has trimmed down. That’s all good news.

Titan can do about 32 miles an hour from a dead stop. He blasts through our house at lightening-speed. Tattoo is our older female. Tattoo is 11 years old and a teeny cat. She’s even small for Abyssinian standards. Full grown she is less than six pounds. I call her my little, bitty, mini-kitty. Tattoo is getting used to Titan but she’s not very tolerant of his wanting to play and wrestle. Titan has gotten the hint and leaves her alone most of the time. Titan’s new trick with Tattoo is to blast off running to where Tattoo is and just hurdle her. He doesn’t stop and chomp on her like he does Tut. He just treats her like a piece of playground equipment and jumps over her. By the time Tattoo figures out he was even coming he’s already gone.

Titan had a run-in the other day with a chain saw. That was unfortunate. For sure.

What happened is we were having our courtyard re-done. The new deck was installed and now it was time for the landscaping portion to begin. The crew was there and Titan was curious so he was out exploring the courtyard as they gathered their equipment and began their work.


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