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Caribbean Chicken Chili

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It's the Chili Chowdown

Chile is the pepper. Chili is the concoction.

And now that we’ve got that straight, let’s talk chili. It’s chilly outside these days so now’s a perfect time.

The history of chili is long and varied. Even the International Chili Society debates the origins of chili. (Yes, there IS an International Chili Society). Chili has been around in one form or another since cooking began.

The origins of Texas chili seem to have come from a range cook who was working along the cattle trail, feeding the hungry men at the end of a long day of rustling steer. Here’s his original recipe...

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Caribbean Chicken Chili

These are delightfully decadent treats.

This is a really fun chili. I love making a “white chili” on occasion but most recipes are chock full of navy beans. This one has no beans and packs a flavor punch! Add the spinach for some extra vitamins and color.

Servings: Serves 4


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