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Overexcited pups: Tips to help your dog stop jumping on people

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When dogs get excited, it’s natural that they might jump, especially when greeting people. Although a dog’s intentions might be harmless, it can be unsafe for larger dogs to jump on people, especially kids or the elderly.

The American Kennel Club recommends the following tips for helping your pup stop jumping on people:

Ignore the jumping. As hard as it may be, ignoring your dog when they are jumping shows them that there is no attention to be gained from this behavior. This is effective because a lot the time, dogs jump to get attention because they are overly eager. Do not make eye contact or speak until all four of your pup’s feet are on the floor, then calmly praise them. Turning away. Another effective tactic for ignoring is to physically turn your back to your dog while they are jumping. Once they stop jumping and realize they aren’t getting the reaction they wanted, you can turn around and praise them. Teaching alternative tricks. If your pup is sitting or lying down, they cannot jump. Teaching these skills to your dog as an alternative to jumping is a good idea if this behavior is frequent for your dog. Always praise calmly when your dog holds the position and stays. Keep calm. If your dog gets excited easily, try some tactics to calm them down. If you have a guest coming over and know that that makes your pup jumpy and excited, try taking them for a long walk beforehand so they might be more relaxed.


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