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Buddy the cat was facing certain death. Now he's helping ensure other Philly animals survive

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"We want to see how he does this week, but if he still seems really happy then I think we'll talk to the SPCA about formally adopting him," she said. "We love him so much. He really is that special."

Lots of other people think so, too.

At the PSPCA, there's a whole bulletin board — Buddy's Board — filled with the greatest hits of cards, notes and super cute drawings from little kids sent to the feline rockstar.

Indeed, if the folks at the PSPCA go more than a day or two without an update, his social media followers start clamoring for their Buddy fix.

"Everyone is very invested in this cat," Kocher said. "It's unlike anything I've ever seen before. I could post his left ear, and people would go crazy about it."

A recent video of Buddy playing with a cat toy — that's all he's doing — got over 16,000 views and almost 2,000 likes in just the first day. It's one of many like it, but people have yet to tire of Buddy's comeback story. Still.

Actually, they seem outright inspired.


"This amazing little man blows me away," one fan tweeted. "What a survivor!"

"Buddy always makes my day," posted another.

"My heart sings when I see you doing this well," tweeted one woman.

And from this bromancer: "I love you, little dude."

Of course, there are lots of animal aficionados out there. But there is something a little different about the way people have responded to Buddy's story.

"I think everyone these days is looking for some hope to cling to, and Buddy gave it to people. He's still giving it to people," Kocher said. "Out of something pretty horrible can come so much good. Despite bad things happening, there is still so much good in the world."

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