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'Mischievous puppy' rescued from metal trash can lid


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(UPI) Firefighters in England came to the rescue of a "mischievous puppy" who poked her head through the hole in the middle of a metal trash can lid and became stuck.

The County Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Service said on social media that the 6-month-old Jack Russell terrier, named Amari, put her head through the middle of the heavy metal lid and "ended up wearing it like a collar."

Amari's owner, Lesley Clark, took the curious canine to Westway Vets in Consett, where veterinarians called firefighters for help.

A crew from the Consett station responded to the clinic and made a plan to cut through the lid after veterinarians sedated Amari to keep her calm.


"We were able to keep Amari still and calm under sedation while they worked on freeing her with the metal cutters," veterinary nurse Hannah Cameron said.

Amari was not injured, but Clark said she has learned her lesson.

"I certainly don't have any more bin lids in the garden and I just want other owners to be aware of what can happen," she said.

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