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Swedish woman followed by wolf while taking horseback ride


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(UPI) A woman out for a horseback ride in the Swedish countryside captured video when she and the equine found themselves being followed by a wolf.

The woman said she was riding her horse in Tungelsta, in the Stockholm area, when the horse stopped in her tracks and turned toward the woods, where a wolf appeared.

"At first I couldn't see anything, but then after a few seconds the wolf showed up," the woman wrote. My horse started to walk again and the wolf came after us in the path.

The woman said the wolf followed her for nearly half a mile and at one point was within 30 feet of her horse.

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"It is very rare to see a wolf so near Stockholm city, and as close as this one was," the rider wrote.

She said the wolf did not seem interested in making her or her horse into a meal.

"The wolf was curious and not aggressive," she wrote. It felt as if she was just lonely and looking for a friend. When I decided to ride up to a small road, the wolf stopped at the path and looked after us. She seemed disappointed, but it was a nice experience to be this close to wild nature.

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