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Doggy day cares thrive in pet-obsessed Seattle

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Now such service is a standard of care, according to Brad Davis, the owner of Woof! Play & Stay on Taylor Avenue North, where the focus is on fitness and tailored exercise regimes. Overnight guests also have the choice of bedding down in a relatively spacious "luxury suite" or a smaller den.

"The person who thinks of their dog as just a dog is not our target customer," Davis said.

He opened on Oct. 1 last year and is already turning a profit. Most days, he said, his establishment is near capacity with 40 to 55 guests.

Vivian Konstantakos said her dog, a Leonberger named Takos, pulls on the leash as soon as he realizes he's close to his friends at Davis' day care.

"If you have a child and you work all day, you are not going to leave your child home alone," says Konstantakos. "It is just the same when you are a dog parent. You need to know your dog is having quality time and is relaxed and happy."

On average, full-time doggy day care in the city costs between $700 and $750 a month before add-ons, like extra walks, baths and other pampering.


"Our most popular add-on is the blueberry facial," said Kasdorf, of CityDog! Club, which has a downtown location and one in Ballard. "The dogs love it and the humans love it."

Another favored treatment is the Paw Balm, in which caretakers massage lotion into concrete-calloused feet.

At CityDog! Club, like most all other day cares, dogs are required to be fully vaccinated and must pass a temperament test that shows they can play well with others.

At the downtown location, at Olive Street and Eighth Avenue, passers-by can look in the window and see what looks like a children's day-care center with rows of little cots and even a fire hydrant.


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