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Q&A: 5 questions with Louis Vuitton's Virgil Abloh

Chicago native and Louis Vuitton's men's artistic director Virgil Abloh may be on the brain as of late, given our time outdoors is measured and online buying may have gotten out of control with all the time spent indoors.

Just Google his name and you'll find that Abloh has helped fundraise for amfAR Against COVID-19 with Fashion Unites and just...Read more

5 beauty products to try while you're in quarantine

CHICAGO - We've all been stuck at home for the past five months, and it looks like that's going to continue, so if you've ever wanted so shake up your beauty routine, now is the perfect time to experiment. But whether it's dying your hair an edgy color, switching to a natural deodorant or trying a moisturizer with retinol, there can be an ...Read more

Accessorize your shoes with one-of-a-kind laces

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My favorite shoes are Nikes in bright colors - red, turquoise, hot pink and orange, with soles the same color as the shoes. They come laced with round shoelaces in the same color as the shoes. The shoes are still in great shape but the laces are wearing out. These shoes really only look good with the same color laces, ...Read more

There won't be a fall fashion season, which is why it's more important than ever to shop local

There won't be a fall fashion season this September.

Trends don't matter: Who needs a new power suit or the latest in back-to-school denim when most of us are working and learning from home? Special occasions are a no go, so glittery holiday frocks and ball gowns are a non-issue. Women's magazines' annual September issues will be more about ...Read more

'I wanted to create.' Self-funded refugee launches high-end fashion label in Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. - At first glance, local entrepreneur Albert Lukonga's story may seem like the idyllic "American Dream."

From childhood poverty to the successful launch of his own business in Lexington, one might label him as one of the few lucky refugee success stories.

But luck is just opportunity meeting months, years or even a ...Read more

Wardrobe advice for when you embrace your grays

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: The coronavirus shutdown inspired me to grow out my gray hair, and I have a few inches of new growth at the roots and framing my face. As I make the transition, should I be considering a change in the clothing colors I wear?

_Mary R.

Dear Mary: You don't tell me what colors you favor in your current wardrobe but if, ...Read more

How to store, sell and donate the clothes you aren't wearing right now

There was a time when I knew my closet well.

I used to dip into her double doors every morning for a crisp, button-up, ponte pants and flats. If my day called for a dressier look, I made a beeline to the jewel-toned sheaths.

These days I only pop in to my closet once a week to grab a backpack for a trip to the grocery store. My primary ...Read more

These luxury retail workers are storytellers, too

DALLAS - About now, some people are missing the pre-pandemic shopping scene, especially the escape that luxury stores provide. Well, two front-line retail workers turned authors are providing their own escape: comical novels set in a luxury department store.

Teresa Heidt and Mary King-Moore published their first novel, Personal Appearances Are ...Read more

As the coronavirus pinches pocketbooks, more shoppers are making secondhand their first choice

CREVE COEUR, Mo. - Maura Paez has been on furlough from her job at Viviano's deli in Fenton for months. But that doesn't mean she's slogged through summer without some cute new wedge sandals: She picked out a pair in black and another in tan during a recent excursion to the NCJW Resale Shop in Creve Coeur.

"I don't do retail anymore,"...Read more

Have you hit the COVID-19 wall? Here are some ways to cope

I've hit my COVID-19 wall.

I'm over obsessively rubbing my hands in sanitizer as I move through the aisles of the grocery store. I miss getting my hair done. I really miss the yoga studio. I'm now afraid of public restrooms. And I'm incredibly nervous that at any moment, I'll get a call from my mom telling me that my dad - who has a ...Read more

Jeantrix is the Philly fashion brand with leather jackets featured in Beyonce's 'Black is King'

PHILADELPHIA - In the wee hours of Friday morning, Deric "Nyce" Crawley mindlessly scrolled through his phone. When he saw that the music video for "Already," a song from Beyonce's newest visual album Black is King, was uploaded to YouTube, it stopped him in his tracks.

In one scene in "Already," Ghanaian rapper ...Read more

What not to wear for a (virtual) job interview

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What would you recommend for summer interviewing attire? Sleeveless button-down tops and a skirt? Sandals OK or not OK? I'm at a loss. You always say there are no more rules in fashion, but I feel like there are still many rules for interviewing clothes!

_Alanna G.

Dear Alanna: Congratulations on scoring a job ...Read more

The best Lollapalooza fashion: We look back at the zaniest, coolest festival styles from years past

CHICAGO - Lollapalooza has been a fixture in Chicago for 15 years, and in that time has evolved into a social gathering that celebrates style as much as it does music. Each year is defined not only by the performances on stage, but also by the runway of street style that descends on Grant Park. Recall the 2012 sea of crochet dresses, the ...Read more

The impact of COVID-19 on our future vanity? Well-being will trump how we look.

Recurring beauty appointments were once staples in our planners. We set firm dates for colors, cuts and weave maintenance. We penciled in times to have our brows arched and our eyelashes extended. We went in for facials and Botox. And we couldn't live without our twice-monthly mani and pedi.

The coronavirus, however, put a halt to such ...Read more

Answer Angel: Am I too old for long hair?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Like so many others, I haven't been in a salon for a haircut in many months - six and counting. That might be an adult record for me. Anyhow, for the first time since I was a little girl, my hair is long enough for pigtails. (That is not the look I'm going for but to illustrate my point.) It's inches past shoulder ...Read more

Think you know how to shop at Neiman Marcus? New campaign matches customers online with an adviser

DALLAS - Neiman Marcus is heading toward a fall exit from its bankruptcy reorganization with a new ad campaign that's designed to make the Dallas-based luxury retailer more approachable.

The "Your Neiman's" campaign directs shoppers to a digital hub of services that can start with a style adviser and continue online, with curbside ...Read more

You can win the battle of the biting bugs

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: In the pandemic, I don't go outdoors much except to walk the dog. But I am getting eaten alive by biting bugs that seem to be especially ferocious this season. Can you recommend any insect spray that will solve my problem? It seems to be getting worse and worse. Killer virus. Swarms of biting insects. What's next? A ...Read more

Pro tips on caring for your skin while wearing a face mask

Wearing a face mask has become a part of our daily routine and looks like it will be the norm for the foreseeable future. But as the summer temps heat up, wearing a mask increases the chance of skin irritation. We spoke to two Chicago skin-care pros about how to save your face while staying safe.


"There are ...Read more

Luxury sneaker brand Koio uses teen's 'ode to Chicago' poem to create summer's hottest kicks

CHICAGO - Luxury sneaker brand Koio has teamed up with Young Chicago Authors and Taisaun Levi, the 2019 Indy winner of the city's premier spoken-word contest, to create a special edition of the classic Capri Triple White sneaker digitally printed with Levi's poem.

The project began last year when Levi was a student at Chicago's Crane Medical ...Read more

Nike releases cool new Grateful Dead skateboard shoes

Nike and the Grateful Dead are jamming together.

And the result are these cool new sneakers - the Nike SB Dunk Low Grateful Dead shoes.

Soon to be the preferred footwear of Deadheads from coast to coast, these Grateful Dead Nikes will be available in three colors - yellow, orange and, the best-looking of the bunch, green - and borrow from some...Read more