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Answer Angel: Help with 'hairdresser speak'

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Hoping you can help me with “hairdresser speak.” It seems I don’t speak the language, and I feel it is impeding what I get in a haircut. How do I approach a haircutter to say what I want? My hair is a weather vane — it flops when there is low humidity, and goes all wavy when it rains and ...Read more

Luxury retailer Hermès reopens in Chicago, further boosting Oak Street as the Mag Mile works to come back

CHICAGO -- Luxury retailer Hermès reopens its Oak Street store Friday, a sign that corridors devoted to upscale customers are surging even though some retail districts, including Chicago's nearby Magnificent Mile, are still grappling with competition from online sellers and the loss of top retailers.

Hermès spent more than a ...Read more

Trending: List of unacceptable first date spots divides the internet

What makes a good first date? It’s a question as old as dating, and answering it has left plenty of men and women stressed. Recently, a list of unacceptable first date spots rocketed around the internet and social media users are sharply divided over it.

The list is heavy on chain restaurants, with perennial favorites Cheesecake Factory, ...Read more

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book features luxury travel for those who ‘dream a little bigger’

DALLAS -- While the 2023 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is filled with luxury goods, the fantasy gifts this year indulge the travel bug that’s dominated spending of late. The one-of-a-kind experiences create what homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-2930905">Read more

Answer Angel: Goopy bar soap

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I love bar soap. Easy to use, much less expensive and long lasting. But lately the soap bars I've bought have been so goopy at the bottom. I use soap dishes that open or drain at the bottom, but it's still yucky. Is there a brand that's less goopy?

--Barbara B.

Dear Barbara: Call it...Read more

Ariana DeBose's dress sings at New York City Ballet's Fall Fashion Gala

Doesn't it kind of look here as if Ariana DeBose is taking her gown for a walk, in the loveliest of ways?

She wore a lime-green Carolina Herrera dress to a gala at the New York City Ballet earlier this month, and the dramatic pouf of its train (or is it a cape?) is glorious. DeBose, herself an actor (and an Oscar winner for "West Side ...Read more

First day of plastic bag ban in Pittsburgh 'no big deal' for most shoppers

PITTSBURGH — On the first morning of Pittsburgh's ban on single-use plastic shopping bags, Betina Stamper pushed her cart through a Giant Eagle parking lot loaded with loose groceries. When she gets to her nearby North Side home, she said, she'd haul in the supplies, most packaged in plastic, in her arms.

"I think [the ban on bags] is a ...Read more

Answer Angel: Which earrings with glasses?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Now that I wear glasses most of the time, I find it sometimes seems like too much to wear earrings as well. Do you think no earrings or smaller, more minimal earrings are better with glasses?

--Liz W.

Dear Liz: I love big earrings. And I wear them no matter what. With ...Read more

These Yves Saint Laurent looks pair perfectly with the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower makes a rather nice accessory, doesn't it? This photo is from the Yves Saint Laurent spring/summer 2024 fashion show in Paris a few weeks ago, and I love how the clothing, accessories and backdrop are beautifully toned in with the lights on the Tower. You never think of the structure as having model-perfect posture, but, mais ...Read more

This bodega owner is on a mission to fight for food justice

ATLANTA — Walking into LaRayia’s Bodega feels like you’re visiting a record shop, art museum and a convenience store at the same time. It’s just that colorful.

Located in Ponce City Market, the bodega has the comfort of a living room. Neo-soul staples like Erykah...Read more

Wedding season is getting busy — and lucrative — for mascots

PHILADELPHIA -- When Megan Fyke reflects on her wedding day, her mind flashes through several highlight moments.

Among them: She and her husband’s favorite mascot, Swoop, crashing the party.

“We were just dancing, having a great time. All of a sudden they started playing ‘Fly Eagles Fly,’ and I turn around and he comes out,” said ...Read more

Answer Angel: Do white sneakers go with everything now?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Are there any limits on where you can wear white sneakers? They seem to be turning up everywhere--with tuxedos at weddings and with formal gowns. It seems like a huge mismatch to see white tennis shoes paired with chiffon and cummerbunds. Am I just out of it?

--Jenni P.

Dear Jenni: You are the opposite of “out of ...Read more

Seattle-based company's blanket featured on Vogue cover

Sometimes a blanket is just a blanket; sometimes it's simultaneously fashion, culture and art.

Actor Lily Gladstone, a Blackfeet tribal member and former Seattleite who's currently getting Oscar buzz for her role in Martin Scorsese's "Killers of the Flower Moon" (opening later this month), wore this beautiful Coast Salish blanket on ...Read more

Designer makes fashion for women with disabilities

TAMPA, Fla. — At Tampa’s Hotel Alba, model Caitlyn Cooks confidently strutted across the pool deck practicing her runway walk.

Her fellow models — women from Florida with amputations, spinal cord injuries, down syndrome or colon cancer — cheered along from the sidelines that Friday afternoon.

The models represented Lady Fines, a local ...Read more

The return of the man perm — Gen Z males are seeking a softer, modern wave

MINNEAPOLIS — The majority of clients seeking perms at Mai Hoa Beauty Salon in Minneapolis are not older Asian aunties. They are men in their 20s and 30s who care about personal style and grooming, who know their way around coconut oil, sea salt spray and an effortless center part.

Some enter the salon armed with pictures on their phones of ...Read more

Answer Angel: Bright socks (without the ‘fun’ patterns)

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I still have to wear a suit to work. (How retro!) I think you suggested to stand out a little we who are stuck with this “work uniform” could wear distinctive socks. Yes, plenty of socks are on the market featuring dogs, fishing lures, marijuana leaves (uh, I don’t think so) and stuff like that. But where to find...Read more

JCPenney has a tie-up with a hit TV show 'Abbott Elementary' — and there’s merch

JCPenney hopes to earn an A+ on its partnership to create teachers’ wardrobe pieces inspired by ABC’s hit series "Abbott Elementary."

The exclusive Abbott...Read more

TikTok trend has adults buying Barbie dolls for emotional support

As if “Barbie” wasn’t making enough money this summer in theaters, the hit film has inspired some adults to purchase the iconic plastic doll — but not to play with.

Most adults buying Barbies are either collectors or shopping for kids, but thanks to Greta Gerwig’s hit film — and the power of TikTok trends — the Barbie dolls are ...Read more

Answer Angel: Crocs. Why?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Can you explain why the biggest fashion trends I’ve seen among average people in my area this year are Crocs shoes and fanny packs (worn crossbody). Both of these things are usually huge fashion “don’ts.” Why are they are so popular right now?

— Liz W.

Dear Liz: Three reasons:

1. Comfort

2. Convenience

3...Read more