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‘Food freedom’ is pulling the plug on toxic diet culture

Ebony Williams, Atlanta Journal-Constitution on

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The latest food trend doesn’t restrict your diet; instead, it embraces it.

According to Healthline, there are various aspects of food freedom, typically ranging from ditching diet culture to promoting healthier choices to growing your own produce. The common denominator is taking control over what you eat without the guilt.

“In that application of food freedom, practitioners see food as more than just fuel,” Healthline wrote. “They seek to build a positive and judgment-free relationship with all foods.”

Food freedom allows you to choose foods that nourish your body and bring joy. Here are three tips to help you reclaim a healthier relationship with food.Don’t do it solo

Having a support system can help change your view on food. If you’re escaping the diet trends, fads and culture, food freedom can be overwhelming because it can seem chaotic. Having friends or working with a dietitian can help ease the stress by creating a plan that eases you into allowing yourself to indulge and change your view.Inner peace


Sometimes it’s hard to let go because of the insane amount of guilt. Food freedom is all about giving yourself permission to enjoy foods regularly while staying in control of portion size. If you find yourself struggling with the guilt, try meditating or seeking a therapist who specializes in food disorders or triggers.Slow down

Eating slowly not only helps with digestion, but it also helps with savoring the flavors of your favorite snacks or cuisines. Taking your time allows you to live in the moment and appreciate your food, plus it helps minimize upset stomach and heart burn.

“If you are in a place of food freedom, you are not self-critical for this choice and understand you can trust your body to guide your food choices,” Monique Bellefleur, Ed. M, LMHC, a mental health counselor who specializes in eating disorders and chronic dieting, told Very Well Fit.

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