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Answer Angel: Socks with sandals?

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My male relatives (son and husband) wear rubbery slip-on “slides” sometimes called “pool” or “shower” sandals — the style that soccer athletes, etc. wear when they take off their cleats.

My men prefer slides to flip-flops because they can wear socks with them. I think socks with sandals look dorky. They disagree. Who is right?

--Alisa J.

Dear Alisa: In general, I am not a fan of socks with sandals on any adult. But I put this one in the category of You Win Some, You Lose Some. On fashion/style issues for men (and women) there are no “rules” -- with a few exceptions, and this isn’t one of them. If pro soccer players choose this look, I’d say your son and husband are in good company.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have dark brown hair and olive/brown eyes. The past few years, ever since COVID, I have had a hard time with the color of highlights. With silver coming in on the sides now, the highlights seem to clash with my grays at the hairline around my face. I have tried multiple hair colorists and it looks OK for a day or two and then back to warm tones next to silver tones next to dark brown. In your opinion, is it best to do what nature has given me at this point and give up on finding a way to camouflage the gray?

--Cindy G.


Dear Cindy: It sounds like your main issue is covering your grays in a way that doesn’t wash out after a few shampoos. Don’t give up. If you want to conceal your silver, there are solutions out there. But it might require continuing patience! Everyone’s hair reacts differently to hair coloring products and it might be that a different brand of hair coloring would have better staying power on your grays.

Are all the colorists you’ve consulted so far using the same brand that is not working for you? It’s frustrating to try to find the right product applied by the right colorist, but it’s worth it. And do not be shy about asking women whose hair colors you admire for their recommendations of a colorist. You will prevail!

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I cannot figure out if this is a joke or what. I recently was reeled in by a fashion story with the headline, “Imperfection is the new perfection,” which referred to “artfully disheveled clothes.” The photos showed uneven hems and ratty brand new sweaters with tears and holes in the elbows. Really?

--Lila P.


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