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5 top design styles for your kitchen remodel

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Over the years, you've probably developed a clear fashion style, which makes it easy to shop for clothing and accessories. Maybe you're a classicist, with a closet full of black-and-white staples. Or perhaps you're more bohemian, preferring bold patterns and unexpected cuts.

Fashion sense is one thing. But unless you're an architect or designer, it's harder to identify your taste in kitchen styles. So, we've outlined five popular kitchen styles to help. If you're embarking on a kitchen renovation, knowing which way you lean will jump-start discussions with designers and contractors, and it will make it easier to choose appliances, countertops and more - the same way you can spot the perfect top when you're shopping online or at the department store.

Kitchen design style No. 1: Transitional

What is it? The top-trending style for kitchens, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). "Transitional kitchens carry a minimalistic yet relaxed aesthetic that marries the best qualities of traditional and modern into one style," says Kerrie Kelly, an interior designer based in Northern California and member of the NKBA. The style is popular with young families because it combines high functionality with low maintenance.

Defining features: Simple cabinetry, such as Shaker style, with low-maintenance quartz countertops; and clean color palettes, including whites, greens, grays, beiges and blues.

Kitchen design style No. 2: Contemporary


What is it? The second-most-common style, according to the NKBA, contemporary kitchens feature a more edited aesthetic than their transitional counterparts. Think sleek, simple finishes and carefully planned lighting plans. In terms of color, think basic black and white, with a smattering of grays and beiges.

Defining features: Abundant natural light through expansive windows and glass walls; sleek large-format tiles in porcelain or natural stone; lots of drawer storage and armoire style cabinetry to conceal appliances; and high use of technology, including smart lighting controls.

Kitchen design style No. 3: Farmhouse

What is it? A timeless design in which specific features make the statement - perhaps found objects such as reclaimed barn doors or vintage lighting. Kelly credits Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV's "Fixer Upper" for the resurgence of farmhouse design.


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