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Hot Property: More than a Weeknd stay

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LOS ANGELES -- Abel Tesfaye, the singer-songwriter better known as the Weeknd, has bought one of the remaining penthouses at the Beverly West, a boutique condominium tower in Westwood, in one of the highest condo sales ever recorded in the Los Angeles area.

The "Can't Feel My Face" and "The Hills" singer paid $21 million -- or about $2,555 a ...Read more

California holds 73% of the nation's priciest ZIP codes for home buyers

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Angelenos don't need a study to know that homes are expensive in L.A., but here's one anyway: According to a new report from real estate database PropertyShark, California has accounted for roughly 73% of the country's priciest ZIP codes for home buyers this year.

The analysis of residential transactions from January to November found that the ...Read more

Liz Farmer: Little-noticed home buying risk — your city's financial problems

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Imagine if, months after settling in to your dream house, your local government began threatening to lay off police officers, close some schools and cut transit service? And on top of those reduced services, property taxes and other levies and fees began rising steeply?

It could happen if your chosen city is in deep financial trouble -- and ...Read more

The Journey: The Long Goodbye: Unretiring becomes the norm

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When people ask me what I've learned most about retirement in my years covering the subject as a journalist, I typically deadpan a one-word answer: Don't.

For both financial and health reasons, delaying retirement by even a year or two beyond the original plan can make a big difference.

A new survey takes the idea a step further, contemplating...Read more

Illness, injury and aging mean homes with accessibility are in great demand. But that doesn't mean they're easy to find

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Matthew Gill, 25, was 19 years old when he jumped into the Rock River in Wisconsin. He dove in, not realizing the depth of the water he was diving into, and hit his head, according to his father, Bill Gill.

Matthew's spinal cord injury put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The accident changed the trajectory of the Gill family in ...Read more

This CEO sees growth ahead for the Los Angeles real estate market

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LOS ANGELES -- The world's largest real estate services firm, CBRE Group Inc., is one of only a handful of Fortune 500 firms based in Los Angeles.

The company has had a growth spurt since the last real estate downturn ended, posting new revenue records for eight consecutive years and finishing the third quarter with a profit of $257 million.

...Read more

Carla Fried: Online retirement calculators — handy and potentially dangerous

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Online calculators make it easy to chart your retirement savings progress. Plug in what you've saved so far, your expected Social Security and pension payouts, and the free tools will spit out an estimate of how much income you can expect in retirement.

But for anyone within 10 or so years of retirement, those calculators may be too optimistic....Read more

Susan Tompor: 'Tis the season for elaborate scams to trick and defraud shoppers

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Scammers love impersonating the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI and Social Security. Why not add Black Friday shoppers to the list, too?

Oddly enough, retailers are being warned that sophisticated scammers could target online Black Friday deals in highly automated schemes that use fraudulent accounts created with stolen data and fictitious ...Read more

How to take photos of your home like a pro

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Whether you're showcasing your home for a rental, sublet, new roommates, or sale, great photos are essential to attract attention online. We asked Alyssa Rosenheck, a photographer, home stylist, and author of the forthcoming book "The New Southern," about how anyone can take better photos of their home.

Here are her suggestions for amateur ...Read more

'We Buy Houses' investors target seniors with below market offers

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ATLANTA -- Debbie McGauley considered moving from the house she loved to be the at-home caregiver to her 80-year-old uncle. Its hallways were too narrow for an ambulance stretcher, which the bedridden man would surely need in the years to come.

When a friendly investor offered to buy it for $95,000, she signed a form thinking that she was ...Read more

Want to live at Disneyland? Disney plans an Anaheim timeshare project

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Walt Disney Co. has another big-money investment in the works at the Disneyland Resort, submitting plans Friday to build a 350-unit timeshare project adjacent to its Disneyland Hotel.

A subsidiary of the Burbank-based media giant filed an application with the city of Anaheim to remove a hotel laundry facility and other behind-the-scene ...Read more

Carla Fried: How to avoid the pitfalls in homeowners insurance

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Whether you're buying a first home or are a decades-long owner, adequately insuring your home is crucial. Yet, according to real estate data provider CoreLogic, in 2017 about one in four homes were underinsured by at least 20%.

A policy that covers less than 80% of your home's replacement value is risky. Many policies have an "insurance to ...Read more

LA loses $36 billion a year from housing crunch, McKinsey says

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Los Angeles County loses out on as much as $36 billion in economic growth every year because people are paying too much to keep a roof over their heads.

That's the analysis of McKinsey & Co., which tallied how much residents are paying for housing beyond 30% of their income, a level that's widely used to determine whether someone is "cost-...Read more

Real estate Q&A: Why can't we leave a work truck overnight in our driveway?

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Q: We recently received a fine for parking my spouse's work truck on our driveway overnight. The pickup is in great shape and is not an eyesore. It is our house; why can't we park on our own driveway? -- Jennifer

A: As a homeowner, you have to follow many levels of rules in how you maintain and use your property.

The rules range from the ...Read more

Bay Area millennial homeownership dreams shrinking

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Staring down home prices that in the Bay Area and elsewhere have soared into the millions, more millennials are expecting to rent forever.

That's especially true in and around San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland.

More than 18% of millennials -- currently between the ages of 23 and 38 -- in the San Jose metro area are planning to always rent, ...Read more

On Philanthropy: Suffering from seasonal gluttony syndrome? Here's a cure

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The winter holidays are right around the corner. Soon, many Americans will gather around the table with family and friends to give thanks for abundant blessings and freedoms as they indulge in a surfeit of delicious traditional foods. Leftovers will last for days.

In December, people of different faiths and traditions will celebrate religious ...Read more

Carla Fried: No-commission trading is a threat to your investing success

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In October, discount brokerage firms were falling all over each other trying to hand out what looks like an enticing treat: no commissions when you trade stocks, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Schwab started the free free-for-all and was quickly followed by E-Trade, TD Ameritrade and Fidelity. Not coincidentally, private online ...Read more

Carla Fried: What every buy-and-hold retirement saver needs to check ASAP

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Patience is at the heart of long-term investing success.

Time in the market, not market timing is the popular maxim at the heart of being a buy-and-hold investor.

But buy and hold was never meant to be taken to the extreme of buy and forget. From time to time it's important to check your retirement portfolio to see if you have the right mix of...Read more

Hot Property: YouTuber Logan Paul buys Timothy Leary's one-time LSD ranch

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LOS ANGELES -- What a trip. In the San Jacinto Mountains, a desert ranch where the LSD advocate Timothy Leary and his Hippie Mafia once congregated has found a new owner: YouTube personality and amateur boxer Logan Paul.

Paul, who last week lost a boxing match against British YouTuber KSI at Staples Center, paid a dollar more than $1 million ...Read more

Susan Tompor: These credit card offers seem great. Expert calls them 'bait-and-switch'

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Holiday shoppers beware: Signing up for instant credit could quickly turn into a jingle hell.

The truth is that understanding some credit card deals can be as tricky as trying to make a gingerbread house from scratch -- just too many ways the walls can come crashing down on you.

On the one side, you could be looking at a pretty good deal for a...Read more