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Everyday Cheapskate: Things to Stock Up on in March

Mary Hunt on

March 23 is National Chip and Dip Day, so don't be caught off guard by all kinds of sales and samples in the chip and dip aisles of your local supermarket. If these are staples of your pantry throughout the year, this would be the right time to stock up.


As we're making summer vacation plans, retailers are loading up on luggage -- from backpacks to five-piece matching sets. And because they want to move them out, they put them on sale.


New club models begin arriving this month, so last year's models will make their way to the sale counter. Don't miss this; the markdowns will be significant.



Outdoor stores like REI and Cabela's often have springtime sales in March, and running shoes are almost always on the list. Shop around though. You want the best price out there, and those stores will slash prices to earn your business.


How could we talk about special days and retailers who take full advantage of them without mentioning pie ... I mean, Pi. National Pi Day is March 14, or 3/14. I know what you're thinking, and you are exactly right: Pi is approximately equal to 3.14, which is why Pi Day falls on March 14! Expect everyone who deals in pies to be featuring big sales in some way this week.


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