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Everyday Cheapskate: Great Readers Share More Great Tips!

Mary Hunt on

Receiving so many awesome time- and money-saving tips from my dear readers always reassures me that I have the best job in the world. You never fail to make my day.


When I peel apples, oranges and other fruit, I save the peels in a freezer bag. When I want some potpourri, I dump the peels into a small saucepan and add a little water. I sprinkle the peels with cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves and any other fragrant spices I have on hand. I let the mixture simmer on the stove. The house always smells wonderful in no time. -- Lisa


Winter air can mean runny or stuffy noses, which make it difficult to sleep. We don't have a humidifier, but when someone needs the benefits of one, I hang a wet towel over a chair in the bedroom. That releases plenty of moisture into the air during the night. It's a simple solution, and there are no filters to buy or clean. -- Jennifer.



My daughter uses hundreds of bobby pins, as she's on her high school dance team. They end up all over the house, so I came up with an idea to keep them together. I bought a cheap, magnetic paperclip holder, which holds a ton of bobby pins. My daughter likes it because she can toss the holder in her dance bag, and she never has to scramble to find a bobby pin. -- Lynn


I went to a local dollar store and purchased a package of washable microfiber cloths, which I use on my Swiffer broom. They work well because the microfiber picks up everything, especially pet hair, and I won't run out of refills anytime soon. When I'm done cleaning, I shake out the cloth, wash it and air it dry so it's ready for the next time. -- Susan



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