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Everyday Cheapskate: Can't Get Your Hands on Hand Sanitizer? Make Your Own

Mary Hunt on

My mailbox has filled up the past couple of days with letters from readers who find themselves on the verge of Purell panic!

Purell is flying off the shelves as people are hoarding gel-based hand sanitizers in response to the new coronavirus. My sources report that hand sanitizer has mostly disappeared from store shelves in the U.S. as individuals and businesses stock up on supplies.

Is this panic warranted? Dr. David Dowdy at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health told the New York Post, "Ultimately, I don't think the panic of sanitizers is warranted because the current risk of infection by the coronavirus in the USA is exceedingly small," in an article posted on March 3.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing hands with soap and water as a first line of defense. This is because hand-washing reduces the amounts of ALL types of germs and chemicals on hands. Here is the proper protocol offered by the CDC for effective hand washing.

Follow These Five Steps to Wash Your Hands the Right Way

Step 1: Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap, and apply soap.


Step 2: Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers and under your nails.

Step 3: Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Need a timer? Hum the "Happy Birthday" song from beginning to end twice.

Step 4: Rinse your hands well under clean, running water.

Step 5: Dry your hands using a clean towel, or air-dry them.


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