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Under the Hood: Converted van pulls to the left

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Q: Please see if you can shed some light on my problem, which the local Ford dealer cannot solve. It's a 2002 Ford van that was converted into a Pleasure Way mini motor home when new. We've had lots of problems with it pulling hard to left when braking but drove straight. We've put lots of work and money into the front end and brakes, now no ...Read more

Ford Mustang expands global reach in China and Australia, and now Brazil

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DETROIT -- The Ford Mustang, after more than 50 years as a top-selling sports car in the United States, hopes to reach global domination with the help of Chinese buyers.

So far, it seems to be working. Ford is reporting 33 percent sales growth in China so far this year, with three months remaining.

Since Mustang's global launch in 2015, the ...Read more

Eric's Autos: Reviewing the 2018 Mini Countryman

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Some reviewers snicker that the Mini Countryman isn't very mini. They're right and wrong at the same time.

Compared with the original Mini Cooper hatchback, the Countryman is enormous -- almost 2 feet longer and nearly half a foot taller. But it's still pretty mini compared with most compact-sized cars. As the largest of all Minis, it ...Read more

If you want your electric car to do the most good for the Earth, move to Albania

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Electric vehicles may be zero-emission at the tailpipe, but the relative filth of the electric production they draw from has a big effect on just how green an electric car can be.

For example, for an electric car in the United States, the equivalent is 55.4 miles per gallon – that is, any gasoline car with that mileage or higher is as good or...Read more

Trump asks Japanese automakers to do something they've been doing for 35 years

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President Donald Trump asked Monday that Japanese automakers consider making vehicles in the U.S., apparently unaware they've been doing that for decades.

"Try building your cars in the United States instead of shipping them over. That's not too much to ask," Trump said during an appearance before Japanese business executives. "Is it rude to ...Read more

2017 Land Rover Discovery ushers in new era of luxury SUV ease

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If technology is supposed to make our lives easier, then the Land Rover Discovery is making good on a premise that often feels as if it complicates things.

The redesigned three-row SUV is all about easy luxury, loaded with advanced driver assist systems and equipped with one of the quietest diesel engines we've ever sat behind. In different ...Read more

Wings of glory: Honda Civic Type R outsoars Ford Focus RS

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After a day out with the 2017 Honda Civic Type R and the 2016 Ford Focus RS, it came down to this: "If someone handed you the keys to either, which one would you take?"

This is not "The Matrix" and these combatants are not pills. They are the most anticipated sports cars on the market and have never been sold in the U.S. at the same time. Until...Read more

Larry Printz: The 2018 Kia Forte SX is the enthusiastic understudy of hot hatches

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Even as the digital world alleviates our need for paper, there was a time when offices were overwhelmed by it and needed to hold sheets of it together. In the 19th century, this meant using straight pins, which jabbed the fingers of office workers while puncturing precious documents with holes.

The solution came in the form of a late 19th ...Read more

2018 Chevrolet Traverse offers up minivan function in SUV form

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Minivan haters, SUV lovers, take heart: The redesigned 2018 Chevy Traverse is one of the few three-row crossovers as convenient as the minivan with the looks of something like an SUV.

With its first full redesign since it was introduced nine years ago, the new Traverse grows into its role as midsize crossover while trimming 350 pounds. It's ...Read more

Bill Ford on change in auto industry, yoga and 2-martini lunches

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DETROIT -- Unscripted and animated, Bill Ford discussed a wide range of issues Tuesday before the Detroit Economic Club in the atrium of Ford Field.

The executive chairman of Ford Motor Co. touched on everything from the auto industry's future (he's "optimistic" for Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler) to meeting the first CEO of Tesla (Martin Eberhard,...Read more

Tesla stock takes a hit as GOP unveils tax plan that eliminates electric car subsidy

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The shift toward electric vehicles took a big hit Thursday when Republicans officially proposed wiping out the $7,500 federal tax credit for buyers of electric cars as part of a sweeping tax overhaul.

Tesla would be the hardest hit company should the plan pass Congress and be signed into law by President Donald Trump. Although Chief Executive ...Read more

By 2030, there's a 48 percent chance your new car will be electric

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DETROIT -- Electric vehicles will become more popular and could power nearly half of all new vehicles sold worldwide by 2030, according to a study released Thursday by Boston Consulting Group.

That's a global projection, so the change may not be that dramatic in the U.S. it defines electrified vehicles to include gas-electric hybrids, like the ...Read more

FBI plants bull's-eye on GM, Ford as UAW scandal widens

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DETROIT -- The FBI's probe into financial shenanigans by UAW and auto executives has extended to General Motors and Ford, which join FCA in a growing scandal that focuses on stolen training funds, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

At the heart of the probe is whether funds that were meant to train autoworkers at all three ...Read more

Tesla delays volume production of Model 3 by three months, reports massive loss

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For months, Tesla's forecast a production rate of 5,000 Model 3 electric sedans a week by the end of December.

Never mind.

The company said Wednesday that milestone is being kicked ahead another three months, to the end of the first quarter of 2018.

Tesla buried the news in an investor letter it posted online after the New York stock markets ...Read more

Auto sales were strong in October as buyers grabbed fully loaded pickups, SUVs

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SAN FRANCISCO -- October was a good month for auto sales, driven by general economic growth and continued vehicle replacement in the wake of hurricanes in Houston and South Florida.

Sales are expected to slightly top the 1.37 million cars sold in October 2016 once all automakers release the month's results.

Of those that have reported sales ...Read more

Under the Hood: Toyota key fobs aren't working in the cold

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Q. Hi Brad, we had problems with both of our wireless remotes for our 2006 Toyota Avalon. They stopped working altogether. We recently purchased two wireless remotes and were able to program them to work. The problem, we found out, is that they don't work in the dark. The previous ones at first stopped working in the dark, then when it was cold ...Read more

Eric's Autos: Reviewing the 2018 Nissan Armada

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Usually, when you pay less, you get less. But the Nissan Armada gives you more for less. This includes the same standard V-8 engine that's under the hood of its luxury-badged and luxury-priced twin, the Infiniti QX80, which also happens to be the strongest standard engine available in this class of vehicle.

Rivals like the Chevy Tahoe are much ...Read more

VW thinks big with Atlas SUV

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Volkswagen's Atlas was one of the darlings of last year's Los Angeles Auto Show. The German company was then in the midst of a scandal involving falsified emissions claims on its diesel engines. The Atlas seemed like a bright spot on the horizon.

Perhaps that was because it was so big. The Atlas, built to compete with mid-size crossovers such ...Read more

Ford partner buys autonomous tech firm

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DETROIT -- Ford-backed Argo AI, a developer of artificial intelligence software and robotics, is acquiring New Jersey-based Princeton Lightwave.

Ford announced earlier this year that it will invest $1 billion in Argo over the next five years. Both Argo AI and Princeton Lightwave have expertise in lidar, a laser-based sensing system that ...Read more

Mark Phelan: Prices skyrocket for vintage Chevy pickups as custom shops discover trucks

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Car collectors have discovered vintage pickups, and prices for really good ones reflect that.

As Chevrolet celebrates the 100th anniversary of its first truck, auto auction house Barrett-Jackson collected data on the most expensive Chevy pickups it's sold.

Nine have hit six figures so far, with one approaching a quarter million dollars.

They ...Read more