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F-150, Ram, Silverado: 'The best 3 trucks ever built' go to war

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An unprecedented truck war is raging in Detroit.

Is it possible for the all-new Ram 1500 or Chevy Silverado to cut into the dominating market share of the best-selling Ford F-150 and F-Series pickups?

Consumers are buying. Bean counters are watching, with billions of dollars on the line.

Fiat Chrysler's five-year plan, outlined this spring, ...Read more

Can Tesla survive without Elon Musk?

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Tesla is synonymous with its world-famous CEO, Elon Musk.

But the SEC wants to ban Musk from running Tesla, or any other publicly traded company, alleging in a lawsuit filed Thursday that he misled investors and the public when he tweeted in August that he had secured funding to take the company private. Now the question is whether the electric...Read more

Auto review: 2019 Kia Sorento three-row crossover is soft

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Soft can be good or bad. When it's used to describe cookies, couches, or puppies, it's good. When applied to people, it's usually bad. The refreshed 2019 Kia Sorento is soft. That can be good or bad too.

It's a lot like the Sedona minivan but in crossover fashion. The styling is refined on higher trims, the interior is spacious like a minivan, ...Read more

Ford celebrates 100 years at historic Rouge Plant, will build hybrid F-150 there

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DEARBORN, Mich. -- At Ford, Willie Fulton is known as the "Iron Man."

It's a nickname that reflects his 65 years of working for the Dearborn automaker, and as his story was told Thursday in a short video during the 100th anniversary celebration of the start of production at the Ford Rouge Plant, he offered some advice:

"There's no shortcuts in...Read more

Trump's plan to tax auto imports blasted by Senate Republicans

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WASHINGTON -- The auto industry and Senate Republicans -- as well as some Democrats -- are up in arms over President Donald Trump's trade policy.

The Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on Wednesday that saw members of the president's own party excoriate taxes already placed on steel and aluminum imports and those proposed by the Republican...Read more

Cititzens share concerns on Trump fuel economy proposal

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DEARBORN, Mich. -- The worst days for Elizabeth Hauptman's son, Oscar, are those hot days in the middle of the summer.

That's when breathing becomes hardest for the 7 1/2-year-old, forcing a trip to the family's home in Brighton so Oscar can use his nebulizer, which eases his asthma symptoms by creating a medicine-laced mist he inhales.

"If ...Read more

Elon Musk to Tesla owners: I want you (to help with new car buyers)

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Maybe Tesla should take that famous poster of Uncle Sam pointing his index finger and imploring, "I WANT YOU" for the army and replace America's mascot with an image of Chief Executive Elon Musk?

After all, Musk has pretty much pulled an Uncle Sam with one of his latest Twitter missives.

Musk, who last week tweeted that Tesla was in "delivery ...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 BMW X2

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2019 BMW X2

To paraphrase evil King Edward I, aka "Longshanks," in the epic movie "Braveheart": The trouble with crossovers ... is that there are too many crossovers.

And they all look pretty much the same.

Because there's only so much you can do with the basic layout without changing it into something that isn't a crossover anymore.

But don...Read more

Auto review: 2019 Lincoln Nautilus boosts fuel economy, safety features

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- Renamed, restyled and significantly improved, the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus will offer loads more standard safety equipment and significantly better fuel economy when it replaces the MKX midsize SUV in dealerships this October.

Lincoln has struggled for years to get buyers' attention, due to a small and somewhat forgettable...Read more

Under the Hood: Clicking a telltale sign of CV grease boot failure

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Q: My son's well-used Corolla is making a clicking noise when he makes a U-turn, more so on sharp left turns. Any idea why? I looked underneath to see if something was loose and there is a lot of grease just behind the left front wheel. Could this be related?

-- Eric S.

A: Eric, its sounds like the Corolla's outer CV (constant velocity) grease...Read more

AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson to step aside

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Mike Jackson, the 20-year CEO of AutoNation Wednesday announced his planned transition to executive chairman.

The company board will begin a search for a new CEO and president next year, he said.

In an interview on CNBC, Johnson said: "The company is in great shape. It's a good time for me to hand over the baton."

The largest U.S. retailer ...Read more

Criminal investigation could hurt Tesla fundraising and recruitment

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The Justice Department is investigating whether public statements made by Elon Musk and Tesla -- the electric car company he runs -- were misleading enough to constitute criminal fraud, the company confirmed.

The inquiry began after Musk's infamous Aug. 7 Twitter post, in which he claimed he had "funding secured" for a plan to take Tesla ...Read more

New tariff list creates risk of 'downward cycle' for US auto industry

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New tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump on auto parts from China will hit carmaker profits, cut sales and threaten to "start a downward cycle" in the critical industry, analysts said unanimously Tuesday.

In addition, if you're in the market for a new car, you probably should get to a dealership soon, because prices are going up.

Trump's ...Read more

The Saudi wealth fund bought Tesla stock. Now it's investing in Lucid, a Tesla competitor

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Lucid Motors, the Bay Area electric car start-up, has been struggling to raise money for more than a year. Now it appears to have found some: more than a billion dollars from Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund.

If the deal announced Monday closes as Lucid expects, the company said it will have enough cash to finish engineering the high-end ...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Chevy Camaro

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The Chevy Camaro has always been a more practical Corvette. It has similar performance when ordered with its V-8 engine -- the same basic V-8 you get in the Corvette -- but for a lot less money and with one thing you can't get in a Corvette: an extra pair of seats.

There may not be much legroom in those back seats, but they're there. They make ...Read more

Cathedral ceilings? Big trucks and big SUVs need bigger garages

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Lorraine Dillon couldn't fit her enormous GMC Yukon SUV into her itty-bitty garage in Grosse Pointe, Mich. So builder Al Shaheen made the entrance bigger.

"The garage had to be usable," said Dillon, 72, whose husband drives a Chevrolet Suburban. "We didn't have enough length to the driveway to park a car without blocking the sidewalk."

And she...Read more

Elon Musk acknowledges Tesla is in 'delivery logistics hell'

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Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk acknowledged Sunday that his company has been slow in getting new electric Model 3 cars to waiting customers, calling the problem "delivery logistics hell."

In response to a tweet from a customer who complained to Musk that the delivery date for her car continued to slip, even though she saw 42 Tesla ...Read more

Under the Hood: Changing cabin air filter is a good idea, and a DIY task

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Q: Can you please tell me about my cabin air filter? I took my car in for an oil change and they tried to sell me a cabin filter. Which cars have these? How do they work? How often should they be replaced? Can I do it myself?

-- Greg S.

A: Great questions! These filters have been widely adopted in domestic and Asian vehicles for about 15 years...Read more

Motormouth: Want a car with front bench seat? You may be out of luck

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Q: Are there any cars that have a front bench seat anymore? I'm looking for a late-model used sedan that can accommodate six passengers. Do any of the auto manufacturers make any?

-- B.G., Burbank, Ill.

A: To the best of my knowledge, the 2013 Chevy Impala was the last car to offer a front bench seat. Many pickup trucks still offer them, ...Read more

Car owners say these brands have the fewest tech headaches

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DETROIT -- Rebecca Lindland found herself sitting in the cockpit of a new SUV yelling at the dashboard while driving on a sunny Wednesday afternoon.

"I was in the car and it did not understand when I said, 'Call Mom.' It got to the point where I was like, "Call my ... mother!' I was enraged. It was unbelievable. Such a stunning fail," said ...Read more