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Auto review: Subaru remakes its compact Forester for 2019 with lots of new technology

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The Subaru Forester has been completely redesigned inside and out for its fifth generation, bringing the best-equipped, roomiest, most-capable, and most-versatile Forester ever built.

Technology upgrades include the all-new DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation system, for the first time and only on the 2019 Forester.

New features include ...Read more

2019 Audi A4 offers more than meets the eye

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2019 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro S Tronic: The styling may not wow you ... but driving it just might.

Price: $51,250 as tested. The trim level starts at $40,500; Navigation and Telematics Package adds $3,000, and Black Optics Plus Package, $1,450. More is mentioned below.

Marketer's pitch: "Go on, you've earned it."

Conventional wisdom: Consumer ...Read more

Auto review: Buick's Envision compact crossover has room for seven, starts at $34,990

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Buick added the Envision crossover utility vehicle to its U.S. lineup two years ago, a premium compact with room for up to five passengers.

Built in China, the Envision falls between the larger Enclave, assembled in Michigan, and the smaller Encore, built in South Korea.

For 2019, the Envision starts at $31,995 (plus $995 freight) for the base...Read more

Larry Printz: For 2020, Ford redesigns the Ford Explorer, its popular mobile family room

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DETROIT -- Ford unveiled an all-new 2020 Ford Explorer Wednesday at Ford Field in Detroit, ahead of the 2019 Detroit auto show.

The Explorer is Ford's third most popular vehicle, having sold 7.7 million units since its launch in 1991. Trailing the F-series pickup and Escape crossover in Ford's U.S. sales, demand declined 3.5 percent to 261,571 ...Read more

FCA has to pay some Jeep, Ram owners up to $3,000

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has long denied any intentional wrongdoing in its alleged diesel cheating scandal, but federal authorities made clear Thursday in announcing a settlement in the case that they believe the automaker actively deceived regulators and the public for years.

As part of the settlement, owners of affected vehicles will be ...Read more

Ford just revealed 2020 Explorer: What's different about new model

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The redesigned 2020 Ford Explorer, America's best-selling SUV in history, made its public debut Wednesday evening at a huge company celebration in Detroit.

Consumers will see the popular vehicle in showrooms later this year. It is the Explorer's first complete redesign since the 2011 model year.

Ford engineers described it as lighter, leaner ...Read more

Ford to cut jobs in Europe, announces talks with labor, expects VW tie

Automotive / Automotive News /

DETROIT -- Ford said early Thursday it will cut hourly and salaried jobs in Europe as part of a "comprehensive transformation strategy to strengthen its brand and create a sustainably profitable business in Europe."

It did not say how many jobs it would cut, noting that talks with unions are just starting. The automaker has lost nearly a ...Read more

The self-driving car industry just acknowledged it has an image problem

Automotive / Automotive News /

For the driverless car industry, 2018 saw technology breakthroughs. Unfortunately, the year also was a public relations disaster.

An experimental Uber driverless car, with an inattentive "safety driver" at the wheel, ran over and killed a woman walking her bicycle across a highway in Arizona.

A U.S. Senate bill that would have allowed hundreds...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Nissan Kicks

Automotive / Eric's Autos /

Crossover SUVs have become as popular as fireworks on the Fourth of July, which is why the cost of crossovers continues to increase.

But there is an antidote to the high cost of being popular.

It's the Nissan Kicks.

What It Is

The Kicks is Nissan's newest, smallest and most affordable crossover SUV.

It's similar in general layout and size ...Read more

Under the Hood: What ought to get done in a brake job

Automotive / Automotive News /

Q: What in your opinion should a brake job consist of? On my cars and truck, I've had just the pads replaced, and sometimes the rotors turned or replaced, but never a caliper replaced. I've tried a new repair place, and they want to replace my rotors and install "loaded calipers." Is this overkill or necessary as a car ages?

-- Sean T.

A: ...Read more

GM hits 200,000 U.S. electric vehicle sales, limiting buyer rebates

Automotive / Automotive News /

DETROIT -- Customers have until the end of March to buy a Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle and some other EV models to receive a full tax credit.

That's because General Motors has surpassed 200,000 cumulative electric vehicle sales, the ceiling set per manufacturer by the federal government to offer buyers a $7,500 tax rebate. A GM spokesman ...Read more

Motormouth: Who thought it was a good idea to illuminate the dash without having the headlights on?

Automotive / Automotive News /

Q: Hoping you can give me the logic behind lighted dash displays when headlights are off. When I learned to drive, I was taught to glance at the dash (looking for gas level was one cue) and, if it was too dark to see the instruments clearly, I knew to turn on the headlights, which turned on the dash lights. I see people driving in the evening (...Read more

Auto review: 2019 Ram 1500 can move grown men to tears — and here's why

Automotive / Automotive News /

I loved owning a tiny little pickup truck.

Mine was a Toyota. It didn't have a fancy name. And when I drove the stick shift, I listened to the gritty sound of gears changing. The vehicle was well-worn. I bought it used and felt like it could take me anywhere forever.

I drove down dusty farm roads through the California heartland and I helped ...Read more

Auto review: We got no kicks in the Nissan Kicks crossover

Automotive / Automotive News /

The best thing about the Nissan Kicks is the price. For about $22,000, the subcompact crossover comes well-equipped with advanced driver assistance systems and convenient technology. The worst thing about the Nissan Kicks is it is not a very good car.

There are no kicks with the Kicks. It makes me better appreciate its predecessor, the Nissan ...Read more

GM now top automaker in Mexico as it idles US factories

Automotive / Automotive News /

General Motors enters 2019 as the top carmaker in Mexico.

The distinction comes as GM plans to shutter four U.S. manufacturing facilities this year, putting thousands of jobs at risk and drawing political and labor criticism of its decision to produce so many vehicles in Mexico, particularly the new Chevrolet Blazer SUV.

GM's rise in Mexico is...Read more

Tesla's stock plunges after fourth-quarter deliveries fail to meet analysts' estimates

Automotive / Automotive News /

Tesla Inc. said Wednesday that it delivered more than 245,000 electric cars and SUVs last year -- nearly as many as all previous years combined -- but the company's stock still plunged after its fourth-quarter deliveries did not reach analysts' estimates.

The Palo Alto-based electric-car maker produced 86,555 vehicles in the quarter, an 8 ...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Chevy Sonic

Automotive / Eric's Autos /

Chevy's second-smallest car is also, as it turns out, one of its roomiest.

It's also less than half the price of Chevy's smallest car -- and it goes twice as far.

What It Is

The Sonic is Chevy's entry-level subcompact sedan/five-door hatchback. It's slightly larger than the electric Bolt, which is Chevy's smallest car and (like several non-...Read more

Twitter restrictions on Elon Musk are set to take hold. But is anyone at Tesla willing to reel him in?

Automotive / Automotive News /

Elon Musk revels in bad boy behavior on Twitter, with fart jokes, accusations of pedophilia, insults directed at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and much more.

"Twitter is a war zone," he said in a recent "60 Minutes" TV interview. "If somebody's going to jump into the war zone, it's like, OK, you're in the arena, let's go."

On Friday,...Read more

My kingdom for a charging station: one electric-vehicle driver's frustrating search

Automotive / Automotive News /

It seemed like a simple plan.

Halfway through a week of test-driving the new all-electric Jaguar I-Pace, and intending to drive the following day to Palm Springs, I decided to find a charging station to bring the car's battery up to full capacity.

I had about half a "tank" of juice, with the dashboard putting my range at 150 miles -- a little ...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2018 Mazda6

Automotive / Eric's Autos /

How good a car is the Mazda6?

Good enough to go without its V-6 for five long years -- and still sell better than it did when it offered a six. And now, at last, there's a horsepower infusion.

It's not a six, but it's enough to make up for it, especially given how little Mazda charges for it.

What It Is

The Mazda6 is Mazda's midsize mid-...Read more

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