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Eric's Autos: 2022 Mercedes E450

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Back in the '70s, every other car was a wagon. These were usually based on cars made more practical by turning them into wagons, which had much more room for cargo and, in some instances, passengers.

Then wagons became unfashionable and were replaced (at first) by minivans, which then also became unfashionable. These, in turn, were largely replaced by crossovers, which were kind of like minivans but weren't ... unfashionable.

But now just about everyone has a crossover.

And that's why wagons like the Mercedes E450 are becoming fashionable again.

What It Is

The E450 is the wagon version of the E-Class, Mercedes' midsized luxury sedan. It is also not just a wagon version of the E-sedan in that it comes standard with a six rather than a four and 4MATIC all-wheel drive. These are also available with the E-sedan but aren't included as part of the standard equipment package.


Plus, more ground clearance and some unique-to-this-model styling embellishments.

Since it only comes one way, the E450 comes with just one price: $62,750.

This is significantly higher than the asking price of the E-Sedan, which stickers for $54,950 to start. But then, the E450 comes with pretty much everything, to start with. And you can't get the E-Sedan with 64 cubic feet of cargo-carrying capacity, no matter how much you spend on it.

Or seats for seven.


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