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Auto review: Thinking outside the box in the 2022 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

Larry Printz, Tribune News Service on

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Let’s stop our hyperkinetic lives for a second.

Let’s shut off the mobile phone and close the laptop. Let’s power down the tablet and turn off the television. Let’s ignore the political extremists who populate both sides of the aisle along with talentless, self-absorbed “celebrities.” Let’s ponder what makes us happy and consider what truly matters — not pixels, pols or pabulum. Life is about experiences, about spending time with yourself, your family and your friends.

Time to stop, take a deep breath, turn on our playlists and dance.

Now look outside the window. Is the weather getting nicer? Is winter relinquishing its icy grip? Think about it. Wouldn’t a grand touring convertible be really nice to help you unwind right now? Like maybe a 2022 Lexus LC 500 Convertible?

What? You don’t have one? Could it be because you blew the same amount of money on a boxy pickup or SUV? You’re not alone. Our passion for SUVs mirrors that of our lives, trapped in a box of own choosing.

It’s crazy, but we’re spending more money than ever buying SUVs, even though the vast majority of owners don’t need one. Ill proportioned and awkwardly styled, they are allegedly more functional that sedans, coupes and sports cars. But where’s the extra functionality? Sedans have just as much traction in foul weather. And no one wants to sit in a third row of an SUV any more than airline passengers want to sit in the back of the plane. And the extra cargo space? What are you really using it for? To haul your extra sorrows that emanate from drive a big, bumbling box?


Time for an intervention. Time for a time out. Time to climb behind the wheel of something fabulous to help us chill.

May I suggest the 2022 Lexus LC 500 Convertible? It’s the perfect vehicle for those who think outside the box. A little more than two years after its arrival, this is a car that’s still capable of turning heads. Its horizontality a contrast to the extreme verticality of SUVs, which have all the sex appeal of a chrome-bedazzled garden shed on 22s.

The Lexus LC 500 Convertible is its contrarian counterpart.

Its top goes down so you can always commune with nature, not just run over it with your 4x4. It’s supremely comfortable and roomy, yet cozy; feeling as if it was tailored specifically for you and lavishly finished in the finest materials. There’s room for two up front and theoretically two in back. But the rear seat is better suited as a padded parcel shelf; this baby has a mere 3.4 cubic feet of trunk space.


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