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2018 Smart ForTwo Electric: The world's cutest convertible

Charles Fleming, Los Angeles Times on

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Besides, the Smart folks say, the car can also be fully charged in around three hours on a Level 2 system, using a 7.2-kW charger that comes standard, and in less than an hour on a Level 3 charger.

The Smart starts at a very low MSRP. A gasoline-powered ForTwo is priced from $15,410. The base model electric drive, non-cabriolet version starts at $28,850, before factoring in any rebates or tax incentives, which in some areas could total $10,000.

That's cheap! And, as is sometimes the case with automobiles, you get what you pay for. Even the upgraded electric version, which includes such amenities as leather upholstery, heated seats, heated steering wheel and a fancy JBL sound system, retains much of the entry-level car's feeling -- in the plastic door panels and interior parts, for example, and the absence of adequate sound-deadening materials in the carpet, glass or roof.

But the drop top aspect is beautiful. The canvas top slides down with the push of a button. Good wind management makes the ForTwo almost as quiet on the freeway with the top down as with the top up.

What's left is the sound of silence.

The slow pace of BEV car sales, even in forward-leaning California, proves that electric vehicles aren't for everyone -- especially for people with long commutes, or large families, or towing needs, or no place to conveniently charge.

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But the Smart ForTwo electric drive cabrio ought to go right to the top of the list for everyone else.

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