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Social Security: It's national Social Security Month

National Social Security Month is celebrated in April and is dedicated to educating you about Social Security programs and services. From programs that help support you through life's journey to services that help put you in control and systems that help protect what's important to you, Social Security is committed to helping secure today and ...Read more

Woman celebrates her 106th at the keyboard

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - In 1912, Oreo cookies, Cracker Jack and the Girl Scouts were born. So was Dorothy "Dottie" Coleman, who marked her 106th birthday Tuesday with her family in Oceanside.

Coleman was guest of honor at a birthday luncheon hosted by members of the Lake San Marcos Kiwanis Club, who have become like a second family to ...Read more

Social Security: Helpful facts about Social Security disability benefits

When the unexpected happens and you can no longer work due to a serious medical condition, Social Security is there with a lifeline to help you and your family.

Most American workers contribute to Social Security through federal payroll taxes and benefit through monthly retirement payments later in life. For others whose working years are cut ...Read more

For 81-year-old bodybuilder, exercise is the key to staying young

AURORA, Ill. - Ernestine Shepherd, 81, came to Aurora recently to say that exercise should be a key part of everyone's day, including senior citizens.

Shepherd hasn't let age stop her from being a bodybuilder, she said to a crowd of at least 100 at the African-American Health Coalition's 13th annual Community Health Fair at Aurora Christian ...Read more

As Trump targets immigrants, elderly brace to lose caregivers

BOSTON - After back-to-back, eight-hour shifts at a chiropractor's office and a rehab center, Nirva arrived outside an elderly woman's house just in time to help her up the front steps.

Nirva took the woman's arm as she hoisted herself up, one step at a time, taking breaks to ease the pain in her hip. At the top, they stopped for a hug.

"...Read more

Social Security: Facts you should know about enrolling in Medicare parts A & B

Understanding Medicare isn't as difficult as you might think. It's a benefit most working Americans can count on. Here are some facts you might not know about the program.

Can I still get Medicare at 65?

Yes, you're still eligible for Medicare starting at 65, no matter what year you were born.

If you or your spouse worked and paid Medicare ...Read more

They've been girlfriends for about 80 years now, ever since elementary school in Boyle Heights

When you've known each other nearly 80 years, you can't be expected to recall every detail.

But who can forget Arlene Dunaetz's curls back in Boyle Heights, in third grade?

"Each one was pulled tight like a corkscrew," says Helen Bialeck.

"I envied those curls," says Joyce Sindel.

"They were dark and she had so many...Read more

'Life and death' choices: Some Missouri seniors struggle to afford drugs after cuts

KANSAS CITY, MO. - Marjorie Prunty doesn't have many options left. She's borrowed all the equity she can from her home through a reverse mortgage, and her medications cost about as much as she receives through Social Security.

The 14 prescription drugs she takes are "life and death," but Prunty, 74, of Kansas City, has had to cut out...Read more

Travel Trending with Kathy Witt: Take a bite out of these destinations

The best way to get to know a place is to sink your teeth into the culture and history that help shape its food traditions. Here are several epicurean adventures that let you taste the authenticity of a given destination's culinary profile.

- Newport, Rhode Island

In the land of coffee milk, "stuffies and chowda" and endless seafood...Read more

Repurposing heirlooms: Family memories can get new life

Cutting apart an heirloom 1940s-era Queen Bess silverware set can bring on the nerves.

At the same time, crafting something new out of an old piece can revive vintage items that might otherwise remain stored out of sight.

After her mother-in-law's death about five years ago, Terry Rathbun repurposed parts of a family Queen Bess collection ...Read more

Dating Coach: Is this guy relationship worthy?

I'm sure you already know there are lots of men out there to date. Some are relationship worthy and some are not. The sad thing is you can't always see the good guys because some of the bad guys feel so exciting to you.

So I thought I'd share a couple of types of men with you so you know who to look for and who to stay away from if your dream ...Read more

This award-winning, super-efficient home near Olympia is designed for the health of the environment — and its owners

OLYMPIA, Wash. - It's hard to know whether that warm golden glow throughout Laura and Kelly Lewis' Olympia-area home radiates from the bright lemon-yellow paint atop its elevated light-diffusing shelves, or from the national first-place awards this aggressively Passive House has hauled in.

The Lewises (plus dogs Lexie, Burton and Zola, and ...Read more

55 Plus: When someone offers help, don't take it

"Here, let me help you with that," the man offered, as I walked out of the grocery store lugging three bags of groceries.

"Thank you, but I'm fine," I replied, walking towards my car. Transferring the bag in one hand to my other arm, I got the keys out, unlocked the car door, and put the bags in the back seat. It was no ...Read more

Picking up steps from ballroom dancers who know their cues

The skirts were the first clue that this was a night out.

Several women wore skirts with extra bounce and flounce; silver and red petticoats winked underneath. Sometimes, their partners wore matching colors.

I was at Juanita Community Club in Kirkland, Wash., on a Saturday night for round dancing with the Dancing Shadows club. Callers and ...Read more

Social Security: 5 more facts you might not know about Social Security

What kind of questions do you and your friends ask about Social Security? When do my benefits arrive? What are Social Security work credits, and do they have anything to do with the way my benefits are figured? Will I be automatically enrolled in Medicare? Read on to find the answers to these questions.

1. Social Security benefits are paid in ...Read more

New technologies help seniors age in place — and not feel alone

Nancy Delano, 80, of Denver has no plans to slow down anytime soon. She still drives to movies, plays and dinners out with friends. A retired elder care nurse who lives alone, she also knows that "when you reach a certain age, emergencies can happen fast." So, when her son, Tom Rogers, talked to her about installing a remote ...Read more

Social Security: 'Rosie the Riveter,' spirit lives on

"Rosie the Riveter" is an American icon representing women working in factories during World War II. These women learned new jobs and filled in for the men who were away at war. They produced much of the armaments and ammunition to supply the war effort.

They also paid FICA on their wages, contributing to the Social Security program....Read more

Social Security: How long do I expect my retirement to last?

Anticipate the length of your retirement, keeping in mind that many American workers will live much longer than the "average" retiree. Consider your health, family longevity, and lifestyle. Your Social Security retirement benefits will provide continuous income for as long as you live, protecting you even if your other sources of ...Read more

At 96, he's perpetually in motion

Aaron Miter wasn't sure what he was getting into the day he met Ray Bagley.

"The typical thing I have trouble with older clients is, they can't get on and off the floor," says Miter, a longtime personal trainer in San Diego. "So, I said to Ray, 'Can you get on and off the floor?' He's like, 'Yeah!' He jumps off his chair, rolls ...Read more

Former night nurse to England's King Edward VIII recalls his final days

TIMONIUM, Md. - When she was in her 20s, Juliana Chatard Alexander was the night nurse for the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII, the man who abdicated his throne to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson.

After long declining interviews with historians and biographers, the Mays Chapel woman spoke with royal biographer Andrew Morton - and with...Read more


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