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Boomer U: The culmination of our whole life

REPUBLIC, Wash., - His hands match the bark on the homestead apple tree. Old. Rugged. Dying, yet so alive.

Bob Faller touches the tree like a lover, caressing and hopeful. He beams, like he's plugged into the very nature he relies on to guide his life. Now that cancer has invaded him like blight, he's relying on nature to guide his death.

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EDITORIAL: Legislators should override LePage's senior housing bond veto

Gov. LePage has promised to veto the $15 million senior housing bond bill passed by the Legislature last month, telling the Maine Public Broadcasting Network that the bill would set "a real dangerous precedent." He said housing bonds should be issued through the Maine State Housing Authority, not the state itself.

The housing authority, in ...Read more

Growing senior population causes a rise in housing options

First of three parts

It wasn't so long ago that grandparents in declining health could only live at home with relatives, or in a nursing home if they needed additional care. But in our increasingly aging nation, the services available for the elderly to live with grace and dignity have grown.

The options include different types of housing,...Read more

Virginia high school students required to learn about managing money

This month's high school graduates in Virginia are the first who had to pass a class in economics and personal finance to get their diplomas.

The state launched the course in the 2011-12 school year. The graduation requirement kicks in with the Class of 2015.

The class blends the theoretical with the practical. Topics include "the ...Read more

Long-term care insurance not catching on

Nearly 2.7 million Ohioans will be 65 or older by 2030, and most of them will require some long-term care. But experts say many seniors won't have enough money to pay for expensive nursing home stays, and few have hedged their bets with insurance.

Long-term care insurance, a coverage option that popped up a few decades ago, has not caught ...Read more

Project 7: elder abuse and how you can help

Virginia Freck has Alzheimer's, and sits at her nursing home talking about the recent celebration of her 101st birthday.

Elvis visited her. Kissed her, even. And despite some memory loss over the years, she remembers it as clearly as she does working as a Rockette in New York City, as a window model for Macy's, and as an entertainer with ...Read more

States try more tax breaks for seniors

About a half dozen states are considering giving new tax breaks to seniors over 65, although they already enjoy favorable treatment by the federal government and by most states on their income and property taxes.

For some of the states looking to cut taxes, it's an effort to stop older folks from decamping to more tax-friendly places when ...Read more

United Way honors contributors

The United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties put the final stamp on its 2014 campaign Thursday.

In November, attorneys Joe and Judy Price, who headed the campaign, revealed the $3.59 million total was reached through the support of Northeast Pennsylvanians. On Thursday, United Way honored companies and employees who pushed the campaign ...Read more

Challenges for LGBT Retirees

Retirement isn't easy for most couples, and it's even harder for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. A modest amount of planning can go a long way to providing the financial support you need.

Bias can be financially costly for members of the LBGT community. Discrimination in employment means less money to save, and same-...Read more

States try more tax breaks for seniors

About a half dozen states are considering giving new tax breaks to seniors over 65, although they already enjoy favorable treatment by the federal government and by most states on their income and property taxes.

For some of the states looking to cut taxes, it's an effort to stop older folks from decamping to more tax-friendly places when ...Read more

Retirement subsidies coming, but Macon-Bibb pension consultant in question

Macon-Bibb County commissioners gave unanimous approval Tuesday night to retirement incentives for up to 200 government employees.

If that many take the offer, it could cover much of the $10 million in savings needed to balance the upcoming annual budget.

Up to 400 workers could be eligible for the various offers, which include:

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Retirement: Be wary of 'senior' experts

Which financial adviser would you pick to give you advice on retirement: a planner with extensive training as a generalist or someone who claims special expertise in retirement issues?

If you said the latter, you could be setting yourself up for a scam -- or at least sketchy advice. Planners eager to mine the rich vein of retirement ...Read more

U.S. Rep. John Larson Says His Bill Will Bolster Social Security

U.S. Rep. John B. Larson has a plan that he says will stabilize the Social Security system until the turn of the next century.

It starts with "rebranding" the government program launched 80 years ago by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

"There's a lot of misunderstanding about Social Security," said Larson, a Democrat from East Hartford who...Read more

2014: A day-by-day look back

A chronology of the events that made headlines in the Standard-Speaker during 2014:


1: Bob "Ranger" Dolieden, a Vietnam veteran, spends his first full day in his newly remodeled and furnished home on Hemlock Street in White Haven. He had lived out of a motel room for the past two years after falling on hard times. Fellow members ...Read more

Paul Sisolak: How to make sure your retirement savings last as long as you do

Planning for retirement these days can be daunting, as people are living longer, healthier lives. According to the Social Security Administration, 65-year-old baby boomers can expect to live to the age of 84.3 years old if they're men and 86.6 years old if they're women. However, a survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute in ...Read more

Financial Drawbacks of Age

Though I recognize that the alternative is much worse, getting older is for the birds. I hate the word "senior." I do enjoy senior discounts but can gladly renounce them for just a small amount of real respect -- and that includes in financial matters.

First, it seems there exist magic ages when your faculties diminish in the eyes of ...Read more

'Independent old lady' shaken, but not broken, by Napa quake

Betty Grant has lived a life of adventure, from spending time with Elvis Presley -- he called her "Bet" -- to working as a professional dancer. At 79, she was proud to be living on her own in Napa, volunteering at the local hospital, and bringing dance and movement classes to seniors.

"I've never been married, never been told what to do," ...Read more

Sullivan, Begich spar over Social Security in U.S. Senate race

Both of Alaska's candidates for U.S. Senate know that the country's Social Security system needs reform -- its trustees say the system will run out of money in about 20 years without a fix.

But Republican challenger Dan Sullivan and incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich differ sharply on how they'd solve the problem.

Begich has ...Read more

State Treasurer Ted Wheeler tells legislative committee that Oregon seniors are facing 'generational' retirement crisis

A dire lack of retirement savings among many Oregonians should be addressed with a state-sponsored plan aimed at boosting savings for those who now have none.

Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler delivered that message Monday morning to a joint legislative committee meeting as three days of hearings of deliveries of interim reports kicked off at ...Read more

San Antonio Express-News David Hendricks column

SAN ANTONIO -- If you value your bank account's contents, you had better stay away from any of those celebrity "private" photos recently leaked.

The regional Better Business Bureau is warning that online scammers are using the news of the pilfered photos to circulate links or teasers that will steer Internet users to fraudulent websites.

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