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Often, elderly abused by relatives

In nearly 25 years of protecting the public, Union County sheriff's detective Mike Justice has never been as disturbed as he was when he saw the malnourished body of Evelyn Cox.

Cox, 73, of Richwood, weighed just 63 pounds -- the size of an average 9-year-old girl -- when she died in June 2003.

But there was nothing childlike about her hollow ...Read more

Volunteering brings happiness -- to the volunteers

Previous Senior Circles columns about volunteering have been from the standpoint of nonprofit organizations looking for volunteers. This time, the column is primarily from the vantage point of the volunteer.

I hope this column prompts you to volunteer in 2015, if you haven't already. Based on those I interviewed for this column, volunteering ...Read more

Editorial: Building on experience: Strategies to keep older workers in the workforce

It is no secret that Maine's workforce is too small, and aging. That is all the more reason for the state and its employers to value older workers. They are here, have valuable skills and are ready to contribute.

BDN Maine Focus Editor Erin Rhoda recently wrote about businesses that were utilizing older workers to improve their workforce. One ...Read more

Senior dance hosts boogie for retirement centers, cruises

If you're male, older than 60, look good in a tux and love to cut a rug, the world is your oyster.

Such gents are in great demand as dance hosts. These suave fellows, a mash-up of Gilded Age elegance and Fred Astaire, are booked to even out the skewed ratio of senior guys to gals on dance floors at retirement communities, cruise ships and ...Read more

Changes, errors in benefits can leave veterans in bind

Once called the best-kept secret of veterans benefits, "aid and attendance" has become an important resource for older veterans needing long-term care or help with dressing themselves or other daily functions.

Some local veterans or surviving spouses have been stunned, however, when the Department of Veterans Affairs has ordered them to repay ...Read more

Survey: Idaho Ranks among Top Places for Retirement

TWIN FALLS -- Six years ago, Robin Burt and her husband moved to southern Idaho from California to retire. Spending much of the time in a fifth-wheel trailer, they took in the Gem State's scenic views for about 1 1/2 years. Then her husband died.

Burt, of Kimberly, had not yet sold her home in central California, and friends there expected her...Read more

Social Security and You: The Ten-Year Rule Not Quite as You Think

Q: I am 69 years old. My Social Security is $1,070 per month. My husband is 77 and he gets $1,990. We just learned that he has only about 6 months to live. So I am thinking about widow's benefits. The problem is he is my second husband (my first husband died in 1999) and we have been married for only seven years. That means we will not be ...Read more

Social Security and You: Widowers Benefits Devil's in the Details

Q. My wife died about five years ago at age 59. I was 60 at the time. I am now turning 66 and just retired and want to sign up for my Social Security. I recently learned from a friend that I could have been getting widower's benefits all along. She had worked all her life and would have been due a fairly high Social Security benefit. Can I apply...Read more

Social Security and You: Inability to Work Creates Disability Qualification

Q: I am 63 years old and have been getting Social Security disability benefits for about five years. When I am switched to retirement benefits at age 66, will I be able to start working again?

A: Yes. Once you are 66 years old and getting retirement benefits, you would be able to work and make as much money as you want without jeopardizing your...Read more

Social Security and You: File and Restrict

Q: I am about to turn age 66. My husband is 61, and he is on Social Security disability. I want to "file and restrict." In other words, I want to file for wife's benefits on his record and delay taking my own until age 70 to get the delayed retirement bonus of 32 percent. But does the fact that he is not getting regular Social Security prevent ...Read more

Elder protection bill unanimously passes Ohio House

HAMILTON -- A bill aimed at protecting the elderly from abuse, neglect and financial exploitation is now in the hands of the Ohio Senate after unanimously passing in the House on Tuesday.

House Bill 24, otherwise known as the Ohio Elder Justice Act, is being pushed by State Rep. Wes Retherford, R-Hamilton. Retherford said seniors today need...Read more

Seniors find reward in volunteering

She does it for the smiles and hugs, the eager, attentive faces and the pleas from young students to "come back and visit us again."

Volunteering keeps Ginny Bollman, a retired teacher and school administrator, close to what she loves: teaching and helping students learn.

Bollman volunteers as an instructor for Junior Achievement, a nonprofit ...Read more

Owners of Chattanooga retirement home Friendship Haven draw concerns for Collegedale history

Retirement home owners previously charged with neglect and physical abuse in Collegedale now operate Friendship Haven, an urban Chattanooga retirement home that's been in the community for more than 70 years.

Trudy Mott, Southeast Tennessee ombudsman for the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability, said she's concerned and surprised ...Read more

Social Security and You: Again, Disability is 'Real' Social Security

Q: I am 61 years old. I have been getting disability since age 58. I am just wondering: When will I be able to get regular Social Security?

A: Here we go again! You are getting "regular Social Security!" There is nothing irregular about Social Security disability benefits.

But I know what you are really asking. You do not want to know when you...Read more

Cathedral Village merges with Presbyterian Senior Living

Cathedral Village, a continuing care retirement community in the Andorra section of Philadelphia, has agreed to merge with Presbyterian Senior Living, a bondholder disclosure notice said Thursday.

The affiliation agreement between the two nonprofits was signed Monday, the disclosure said. Typically in such nonprofit mergers, money doesn't ...Read more

Longtime director of regional aging agency brings career values into his own retirement

Aging is Nick Beamer's passion, which makes his retirement last week after nearly 28 years as executive director of Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington an interesting juxtaposition for a man who now must live what he's preached.

It's his turn to live longer, healthier and remain in his home -- the very goal of the five-county ...Read more

Who gets to decide who doesn't have to pay taxes?

West of Philadelphia, schools fought for a share of millions of dollars flowing to a ritzy retirement community.

In Erie, the county wants to levy land that's publicly owned -- but rented to luxury marina operators.

In Allentown, the tax man has eyed shuttered churches now used as storage facilities.

At least 10 Pennsylvania counties have...Read more

Hamden state Rep. D'Agostino's bill seeks to protect continuing care residents

HAMDEN -- Senior citizens choosing to move into continuing-care retirement communities in many cases invest their life's savings in facilities that promise to house and care for them.

But what happens when such a facility itself needs financial help? It can be a disaster for the residents who have signed a contract with the center and have ...Read more

More than 40 years later, Mountaineer Opry going strong

MILTON -- Blankets, pads and sheets drape over more than 30 of the chairs near the stage at the Mountaineer Opry House.

It's not laundry day -- the drapery signifies the favorite seats claimed by long-time fans of one of the region's main hubs for bluegrass music.

That's just where they like to plop down for the regular Saturday shows, and...Read more

Stamford senior services providers adapt to boomers

STAMFORD -- Don't call them "seniors."

City officials and nonprofit operators agree -- the older population in the city is so varied that just labeling them "senior citizens" is simply too narrow, especially for organizations that offer services to older people.

"Baby boomers who are reaching retirement age do not want to be called 'senior...Read more


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