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Bridgeport Diocese report on sex abuse finds nearly 300 individuals allegedly abused by 71 priests since 1953

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- A scathing report released Tuesday by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport on the alleged sexual abuse of hundreds of victims by clergy since the early 1950s blames former Bishops Edward Egan and Walter Curtis for violating state law and failing to respond to "an unfolding crisis."

Despite hundreds of victims, church ...Read more

Spiritual Life: The story of Christ is a 'family' favorite to retell

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"Hey dad, tell us about the time you drove your father's car into the garage door!" (True story).

"Tell us again how you proposed to mom at the same spot you met her!" (Another true story).

"Remind us how you used to sing into our infant ears, 'My Bonnie lies over the ocean'... (Why was that silly song so soothing to us?)"

Yes, family stories...Read more

Study: Up to 10% of Catholic seminarians are victims of sexual harassment, abuse

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After news emerged in 2018 that Cardinal Theodore McCarrick had been accused of sexually abusing fellow students while studying to be a Catholic priest, John Cavadini came up with an idea.

"There were so many rumors about what's going on in seminary culture and was what happened with McCarrick the norm," said Cavadini, a theology professor at ...Read more

Light Notes: Hike up a mountain? Let's turn on the National Geographic channel please

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It's autumn and I love the idea of being an outdoors-type gal as the temperatures cool.

The thought of the wind whistling through my hair as I effortlessly bicycle at amazing speeds along a golden tree-lined path. Or the concept of bass rising from the depths of a lake to peer wonderingly at my swift canoe. Or the mental picture of a scenic ...Read more

Prosecutors fined in sexual abuse case against La Luz Del Mundo leader and two followers

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LOS ANGELES -- A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge held state prosecutors in contempt Thursday for not turning evidence over in the sexual abuse case against the leader of La Luz Del Mundo and two of his followers.

Judge Teresa Sullivan fined Deputy Attorneys General Amanda Plisner and Diana Callaghan $5,000 each for violating a court ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Re-frame the picture and focus on what's meaningful in life

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Although I suppose I am genetically predisposed to be, I am in fact not a photographer. My maternal grandfather was a prolific professional taker and maker of everything photographic, from thousands of school portraits to magnificent winter scenes to serene lakeside perspectives to all the necessary supplies. His name was Leo, and folks across ...Read more

Missouri attorney general refers 12 Catholic ex-clergy for sex abuse prosecution

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After investigating Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced Friday that he has referred 12 former clergy members for possible criminal prosecution.

Schmitt released a 329-page report Friday detailing his office's yearlong investigation that involved interviews with victims ...Read more