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Spiritual Life: Even superheroes need courage on the 'battlefield'

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Americans love the idea of a superhero, someone possessed of supernatural powers used for the common good.

Joe Thomas, a professor studying this phenomenon, remarked, "They explain mystery. They model behavior. They inspire. They make mistakes ... and learn from them. They are life lessons. They give hope that no matter what the odds, even one ...Read more

How evangelical messages of sexual purity haunt adulthood for a generation of women

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As a young adult, Linda Kay Klein had not had sex, but she was convinced there was a possibility she was pregnant. So much of what she had been taught about sex was focused on staying pure. What if, even as a virgin, there was a chance she failed by not following the never-quite-explained rules of her evangelical youth?

Klein describes how a ...Read more

Light Notes: This Marine veteran found a road out of homelessness and a path to hope

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He was one of them.

A member of a community the young Marine never envisioned after serving his country.

Yet, U.S. Marine Damon Machado has shared the fate of an estimated 40,000 veterans nationwide who on any given night have no shelter.

Homelessness is a "neighborhood" in which no one wants to live. But in that community of veterans, there ...Read more

Parents angry after bishop tells elementary school students that Santa isn't real

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BELLEVILLE, Ill. -- The Bishop of Belleville, Ill., apparently had two very different visits to Catholic schools this week.

At Our Lady Queen of Peace in Belleville, he told fifth- and sixth-grade students that there is no Santa Claus and they should not celebrate Halloween, according to parents.

At Blessed Sacrament School, he answered their ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Believers and agates have something in common

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Long summer days are lovely. Having grown up in the Northwest, I am still surprised to see daylight linger until nearly 10 p.m. during the summer months.

Light seems to make people feel better because they can get out of the house, enjoy one another and do things that they couldn't (or wouldn't) attempt in the deep dark of winter.

Winter ...Read more

US prosecutors tell Catholic bishops not to destroy records on sexual abuse

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PHILADELPHIA --U.S. prosecutors pursuing an inquiry into sex abuse by priests and cover-ups the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania have turned their attention to bishops outside the state, signaling a wider federal investigation than initially reported.

In a letter sent this month, Philadelphia-based investigators instructed the U.S. Conference of...Read more

Despite a history of sexual abuse, here's why some catholic parents choose to stay with the church

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Michael Hoffman is what some call a "cradle Catholic." Born and raised into the faith, he and his family were extremely involved in their Forest Park, Ill., parish throughout his childhood. As a kid, he was an altar server. As an adult, he considers the Catholic community the "fabric" of his life.

From 12 to 16, it was also the source of his ...Read more

Amid sex abuse crisis, Pope Francis calls on US bishops to gather for retreat at Illinois seminary in January

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CHICAGO -- Pope Francis has called on Catholic bishops nationwide to gather for a historic seven-day spiritual retreat at Mundelein Seminary in suburban Chicago in January as church hierarchy grapple with the ongoing clergy sex abuse scandal.

As chancellor of the seminary, Archdiocese of Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich -- now in Rome for a ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Experiencing a time of 'fog'? See that it can satisfy your spirit

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Looking north to Cape Foulweather on the Oregon coast, one is first impressed by the 500-foot abutment of bare rock jutting out into the Pacific Ocean.

Gazing inland, one sees a steep meadow of ground cover yielding to deciduous then the abundant coniferous trees that blanket the region.

In the clear light of a bright -- if cool -- summer day ...Read more