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Commentary: Alabama, religious freedom and frozen embryos

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The Alabama Constitution provides that "no religion shall be established by law" and that "the civil rights, privileges, and capacities of any citizen shall not be in any manner affected by his religious principles." Those prohibitions were forcefully reinforced in a 1998 Religious Freedom Amendment. Like similar provisions of the First ...Read more

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Religious rights bill advances through Georgia Senate

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ATLANTA — A bill that would expand religious rights passed the Georgia Senate on Thursday over objections that it could lead to discrimination against gay people.

The Senate voted along party lines, 33-19, to approve the religious rights legislation, which would limit the government’s ability to enforce laws that conflict with religious ...Read more

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Seattle is the least-religious large metro area in the U.S.

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Americans have grown less religious over the past couple of decades, and attendance at religious services is down across the country. Of course, some parts of the country are a lot less religious than others. New survey data shows Seattle is one of those places.

A clear majority of adults in the Seattle area — around 64% — never attend ...Read more

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Notre Dame's tiny namesake shows plight of religious colleges

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Times are hard on the campus of Notre Dame.

Not the famous University of Notre Dame, home to Fighting Irish football and more than 13,000 students — little Notre Dame College, a less prestigious Roman Catholic school in the Midwest.

Over the past decade, the 102-year-old private college with about 1,400 students, located in South Euclid, ...Read more

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Catholic group asks Maryland attorney general to end investigation of Catholic Church abuse

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A Catholic advocacy group called on Maryland Attorney General Anthony Brown to halt investigations into child sex abuse in the Archdiocese of Washington and the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, in a letter Tuesday.

Bill Donahue, president of the national Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, wrote that it was “exasperating” that ...Read more


NC pastor says rape suspects aren't guilty if victims wore shorts, prompting outrage

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Anger welled in Charlotte mom Crystal Nichole as she watched a North Carolina pastor’s sermon.

He would find a rape suspect not guilty if the victim wore shorts or a short dress, the Rev. Bobby Leonard of Bible Baptist Tabernacle in Monroe said in the sermon.

“If you dress like that and you get raped and I’m on the ...Read more

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Religious rights bill clears Georgia Senate committee

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Georgia senators revived a bill to increase legal protections for religion, a long-sought Republican goal that is opposed by gay rights advocates who say it could lead to discrimination.

The proposal passed the Senate Judiciary on a partisan vote Thursday, with six Republicans in favor and three Democrats against. Senate Bill 180 could receive...Read more

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GOP advances bill opponents say would pave the way for discrimination of LGBTQ Kentuckians

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A Republican-backed “religious liberty” bill opponents say would weaken local governments’ ability to enforce Fairness Ordinances and embolden individuals who wish to discriminate based on religious beliefs won approval from a legislative committee on Wednesday.

Rep. Steve Rawlings, R-Burlington, told the House Judiciary Committee that ...Read more

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Cardinal Dolan denounces funeral for trans activist Cecilia Gentili held at St. Patrick's Cathedral

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Cardinal Dolan has denounced the recent funeral for trans icon Cecilia Gentili that was held at St. Pat’s.

More than 1,000 people attended the ceremony at the historic Manhattan cathedral on Thursday — a crowd Dolan described as disrespectful.

“Once the funeral started is when the trouble started because of the irreverence and the ...Read more

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St. Patrick's holds rare Mass of Reparation after 'scandalous behavior' at service for NYC trans icon Cecilia Gentili

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NEW YORK — St. Patrick’s Cathedral held a rare Mass of Reparation Saturday after the Archdiocese of New York claimed mourners at a funeral service for trans icon Cecilia Gentili last week engaged in “scandalous behavior.”

St. Patrick’s pastor, the Very Rev. Enrique Salvo, said that at Cardinal Dolan’s request, the Mass was offered ...Read more

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Lawmaker proposes religious exemption for California motorcycle helmet law

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FRESNO, Calif. — Turban-wearing Sikh motorcyclists would be free to ride helmet-free in California if Assembly Bill 2392, proposed by Fresno Assembly member Esmeralda Soria, becomes law this year.

California’s helmet law for motorcyclists was passed in the 1990s as a public safety move, but for former Fresno City Councilmember Soria the ...Read more

On combined Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday, religious leaders say you can partake in both

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Wednesday is Valentine's Day, a holiday widely observed by indulging in something romantic and sweet with the person you love. But many Catholics and other Christians across Southern California will be receiving a cross made of ash on their foreheads that day because it's Ash Wednesday, whose vibe is anything but indulgent.

How are you supposed...Read more


Should a Florida man's church confession be evidence in a criminal case?

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CLEARWATER, Fla. — One day a little more than three years ago, a man gripped a microphone as he stood before a stage inside a Pinellas County church and told his pastor and parish leaders he was sorry for what he’d done to the pastor’s 12-year-old granddaughter.

Juan Martin Gonzalez said that he’d sinned. He apologized. He vowed to “...Read more


Milei praises Pope in reversal after Vatican meeting

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For Javier Milei, Pope Francis used to be “the devil’s man on Earth.” But now, after an encounter at the Vatican, the president praises the pontiff as “the most important” Argentine.

Milei’s U-turn, in a television interview to be broadcast Monday evening, sees him admitting that he’s been forced to change his tune.

“One of the...Read more

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Woman says founder of Kansas City's International House of Prayer sexually abused her when she was 14 in the 1980s

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Michigan woman has come forward with allegations that International House of Prayer founder Mike Bickle sexually abused her starting when she was 14 and before he formed the Kansas City ministry.

Her allegations, which some say are the most damning to surface yet about Bickle and come after four decades of silence, are ...Read more

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A church began ringing its bells again. Not everyone is happy

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PHILADELPHIA -- Late last year, Rev. Alfred Bradley planned a Christmastime surprise for the neighborhood he grew up in. He was bringing back the sound of church bells to the Fishtown neighborhood.

Thanks to two crafty volunteers and two generous families, the Holy Name of Jesus Church on E. Berks and Gaul Streets received a bell tower upgrade ...Read more

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Hindu faithful denied permission to build temple in Gotha, Florida

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Leaders of a Hindu congregation hoping to build a new temple in Gotha will have to find a different location.

Orange County commissioners voted 5-2 on Tuesday to reject the congregation’s appeal of a zoning board ruling which concluded the proposed temple with a 43-foot-tall spire would be a “detrimental intrusion” in ...Read more

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Religious 'nones' now outnumber Catholics and evangelical Protestants

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Americans who don’t belong to any religion now reportedly outnumber the nation’s largest religious groups.

“Nones” — as Pew Research Center identifies people with no religious affiliation — made up 28% of the 3,300 respondents surveyed for a study published Wednesday called “Religious ‘Nones’ in America: Who They Are and What ...Read more

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Pope Francis pleads for Haitian nuns' release, as gang violence and kidnappings spike

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As Haiti’s Catholic Church tries to negotiate the freedom of six kidnapped nuns and two of their companions from an armed gang, Pope Francis has called for the release of all hostages in the volatile nation and said he was praying for social harmony.

The Roman Catholic pontiff made the appeal in his weekly Angelus address on Sunday while also...Read more

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Commentary: Speaker Mike Johnson wants Christianity to rule

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Recently elected U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., is a man of faith — something many Americans, including myself, can relate to. What is less agreeable, however, is Johnson’s lifelong mission to use the power of the government to impose his own faith upon others.

As a Southern Baptist minister of the same faith tradition as Johnson, ...Read more