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Spiritual Life: Learn how to let go

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Given the myriad self-storage units around our community, you might agree that we have a problem letting go of things. In drawers, closets, garages, shops, sheds and the above-mentioned units we keep, collect, hoard and store far more stuff than we will ever need or use.

It's not just stuff we can't release, but experiences, memories and life ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Have courage in the face of fear, intimidation and obstacles

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When Jesus walked this Earth, he hardly ever asked people where they had been. He was much more interested in where they were going, and how they would finish their race.

It's the finish line that matters most to God.

In the Old Testament book of Joshua we read about Caleb, an 85-year-old patriarch who finished life well. Caleb wanted a piece ...Read more

Light Notes: Timely monetary gift creates stunned thankfulness

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The question loomed large, larger than the news that her job was about to end.

Would she be "all in" with her promise to faithfully tithe from her very last paycheck? Or would pending rent and an already overstretched budget be reason enough not to give this one time?

It was a question the "40-something" mother of two pondered.

Officially ...Read more

Churches, nonprofits could profit politically under House tax bill

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WASHINGTON -- Not only would houses of worship be able to more actively promote political candidates, but so would nonprofit groups under a section inserted into the House tax bill an hour before it was due for a key vote.

The last-minute change affecting the so-called Johnson amendment was tucked into a "manager's amendment" to the GOP tax ...Read more

Light Notes: Random acts of kindness spread around the world

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Without a doubt, it was contagious. In less than 30 days, the phenomenon had affected countless numbers, traveled from coast to coast -- even internationally -- and spread smiles ear to ear.

The random acts of kindness had multiplied at an astonishing rate, all because of a birthday invitation from Kristi Black to her Facebook friends one year....Read more

Poll: Most US adults say you don't have to be religious to be moral

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It's an age-old topic debate: Must you believe in God in order to hold strong moral values?

Most Americans now say no, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. Fifty-six percent of adults surveyed say you can be a good person without divine faith, up from 49 percent in 2011.

Not surprisingly, 85 percent of adults who were not ...Read more

GOP plan to ease law on political speech from the pulpit gets lukewarm reception

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WASHINGTON -- Faith-based leaders and political conservatives are annoyed that a provision in the House Republican tax bill that seeks to roll back a law preventing houses of worship from endorsing political candidates doesn't go far enough.

The provision, tucked into the back of the 429-page GOP bill, appears to allow political speech from the...Read more

GOP tax bill would allow politics from the pulpit

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WASHINGTON -- The House Republican tax plan would upend a longstanding measure, known as the Johnson Amendment, that prohibits politicking from the pulpit, and critics say it could turn churches into new conduits for political money.

Under current law, churches, charities and other 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations are prohibited from ...Read more

Light Notes: Wartime love letters offer vital link

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In the early 1940s when a teenage boy deftly flung the newspaper to front porches in Twin Falls, Idaho, little did he know that in a few short years he would be part of the news. Nor did he know how words on a page would be a lifeline.

"Pearl Harbor happened smack in the middle of my senior year," Bob Bush of Richland, Wash., recalled in 2013 ...Read more

They are deaf, but this church's members still hear the word of God

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FRESNO, Calif. -- As music plays at the Fresno Deaf Church on a recent Sunday, most people sitting in the pews sign along. The only audible voice in the room is the one on the recording, singing a soulful, "I Can Only Imagine," but sound isn't needed to make the devotion of the worship evident.

They are expressing themselves in their own ...Read more