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Neighbor Worries About Dog Left Outside In Heat

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I've noticed that my neighbor's dog is often left outside, even in the middle of the day when the temperatures are scorching hot. It breaks my heart to see the poor animal suffering from the heat, panting heavily and looking extremely dehydrated. I've tried talking to my neighbor about the situation, but they seem dismissive of ...Read more

Intense Woman Could Elevate Brand

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been spending time recently with a powerful woman in my field who has asked me to do some work with her in the fall. This is an incredible opportunity that may be very good for my brand. Being aligned with her will take my work to a much more visible, high-profile level.

The problem is that this woman is high-maintenance ...Read more

Recipient Wonders How To Confront Suspected Harasser

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DEAR HARRIETTE: An anonymous account has been sending me strange, threatening messages, and I am beginning to suspect the identity of the sender. I don't want to jump to conclusions and falsely accuse the wrong person if my suspicions turn out to be wrong. What steps can I take to investigate and potentially confront the sender without damaging ...Read more

After Drinks, Story About Old Flame Surfaces

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I hung out with some relatively new friends last weekend. We got to drinking champagne, and the stories started flowing. It turns out that we have a couple of mutual friends -- including my first true love. I can't believe it, but I told them details about how we broke up and how much I still care for him. Never mind the fact ...Read more

Neighbor Gives Racist Art As Gift

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I moved out of the United States at the beginning of this year to live in a Latin American country. During my time here, I've befriended my neighbor, who has lived here her entire life. Despite the language barrier, we've formed a close friendship.

Recently, my neighbor attempted to give me a piece of "art" that depicts a racist...Read more



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