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Trainee Receives Hateful Texts After Quitting

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I quit a job on the first day of training. It was a restaurant job. The environment was so stressful and awful I could just tell it wasn't going to work out. The same day that I quit, I received a slew of hateful text messages from an unknown number; I'm assuming it was the girl who trained me. Should I go and say something to ...Read more

Student Has Mixed Feelings About Late Professor

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My college professor passed away unexpectedly last weekend. She and I never really got along, but I had a lot of respect for her as my professor. Because we didn't have the best relationship, and at times I could be quite rude to her, I'm feeling a bit of guilt. She wasn't much older than my mother and has kids that are the same ...Read more

Daughter Should Learn To Cook Before College

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My daughter is going away to college. It dawned on me the other day that I've never taught her how to cook. She plans on living in the dorms for the first year of school, but I'm afraid she'll be ill-prepared when she lives on her own. She leaves for school in less than a month. Is she going to be OK? -- Leaving Home

DEAR ...Read more

Public Speaking Need Not Cause Anxiety

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I have to deliver a speech tomorrow in front of 50 individuals. It is for my summer program's closing ceremony. Although public speaking is a fairly easy task to many, it's rather daunting to me. I get so scared I'll mess up or slur my words that I start to sweat. I'm even scared of forgetting what I have to say. Do you have any ...Read more



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