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Tone Down the Tambourine

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Dear Annie: I attend a small church where the congregation does not exceed 12 members. So on any given Sunday, there are at least nine of us in attendance, including the pastor and first lady. We follow the government recommended COVID-19 social distance guidelines.

I am hearing impaired and wear a digital hearing aid. There is an older ...Read more

Hygiene Problems Points to Deeper Issues

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Dear Annie: Our son is an educated, well-read, successful married man. We taught him how to keep a home, how to clean, how to groom himself. This has never been an issue.

Since he married five years ago, all things clean have disappeared. His home is filthy. We help out at his house, doing painting, flooring, etc. We are glad to be a part of ...Read more

Worth the Time

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Dear Annie: I have been dating my boyfriend for two years. We are both in our mid-40s. But I feel as if we are walking in opposite directions on the road of life.

He works two full-time jobs and has several younger children. He has so many responsibilities financially that he is stretched thin. I have never been invited inside his home. I ...Read more

'Ready, Freddy?' 'I suppose, Rose!'

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Dear Annie: You recently asked readers to write in to respond to the question "What do you love most about your partner and why?" I am a pretty lucky lady! Sometimes, I feel like pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I'll call us "Fred" and "Rose" to tell our story.

Fred and I met later in life, after many years of single-parenting ...Read more

Putting the Children First

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Dear Annie: My husband and I separated two years ago. Ultimately, we divorced about a year ago due to his rising alcohol and drug abuse, which led to him being violent. I did what I could for years to get him help, offering counseling together, rehabs and anything else that would be beneficial to him to deal with his addictions.

Once the kids...Read more

Husband Wants to Reconcile After Affair

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Dear Annie: My husband and I have been having a rough time. He cheated on me with a young woman and got her pregnant. I think this was her goal, secretly. She knew he had a wife and wanted him to leave me.

Anyway, the baby will be 1 soon, and now that my husband is seeking reconciliation, I feel stuck in the middle. I've already been through ...Read more

Concern for Enabling Friend

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Dear Annie: I have a longtime friend with a history of enabling, starting with her own kids. I tried to discourage her from doing that numerous times without success. History appears to be repeating itself. Her kids are long gone, but now her granddaughter has moved in. This young lady, barely out of high school, is perfectly comfortable ...Read more

When Sharing Reconnects People

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Dear Annie: My husband has been insulin dependent for 56 years and must avoid COVID-19, so I have stayed at home during the past 10 months, away from people as well. One morning, I wrote how I felt and then decided to post it on Facebook. I was right -- many people were feeling the same way. The responses I received were so heartwarming. The ...Read more

Bad-Tempered Sister-in-Law

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Dear Annie: I was close to all my brothers when we were growing up, especially because we had no extended family around. Our grandparents and aunts and uncles were quite a distance away. All of us really felt it, and the siblings always wanted spouses who could provide what we never had -- a close relationship with our family.

Recently, my ...Read more

Slowing Down

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Dear Annie: I am old, and I worry about falling. I have read advice to us old people on numerous websites on how to avoid falling. But one thing is missing: It is important not to hurry.

I have only anecdotal evidence, but I have observed that hurrying often leads to falling. One friend died after a fall rushing to answer the phone. My wife ...Read more

A New Beginning Up North

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Dear Annie: Please help me. I am in my mid-40s and have been with a man for seven and a half years. He has four children who I absolutely adore. His youngest is 12. We started dating when she turned 5. We have had them full time for the past seven years. I have gotten pregnant five times with this man. There were three miscarriages and two ...Read more

More Letters on Love

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Dear Readers: Recently, I asked you to write in with what you love most about your partners. I received enough responses to fill a book. I printed some on Valentine's Day, but I'd like to print a few more -- because these letters brought me such joy that it seems wrong to keep them to myself. Read on for a smile.

Dear Annie: What I love most ...Read more

Shattered By Loss

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Dear Annie: Last month, I lost the man of my dreams, my husband. It hurts so bad without him. I don't know what to do. I miss him terribly. He was my everything for years now. He was my heart and soul. My heart is broken into a million pieces. I have talked with counselors; some help, others don't. We still had so many plans for the future. It...Read more

Tossing Out Grandma's Gifts

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Dear Annie: My grandchildren are not allowed to receive gifts from me. I crocheted a scarf, and it was tossed in a dumpster. I bought earrings, and the post was broken. You get the picture. So, I have been putting money in the bank instead. Problem solved? No!

Now when a passbook indicates that my grandchild has $7,000 in the bank, there is a...Read more

Consequences of Pandemic Fatigue

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Dear Annie: I am an RN who does COVID-19 swabs in a tent outside my hospital for people who have been exposed or are symptomatic. When I read the dilemma of "Quarantined and Stressed," a couple who are worried about playing cards again with friends, I was reminded of a sick man who came recently in with 101+ fever and problems breathing. He ...Read more

Christmas Party Drama

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Dear Annie: My family had a lot of heartbreak in 2020. Our daughter was diagnosed with a neurological disease, and our son passed away. And then the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Later that year, we decided to decline an invitation to a family Christmas party. I gave a month's notice to the host and explained that, because of everything we've ...Read more

Mixing Religion and Politics

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: My sister and I don't speak anymore after a falling out with our now-deceased mother. It was a bad falling out, as she talked my mother into making her the sole heir of her estate because I am a lesbian.

We recently had to speak because of our father's declining health. My niece, her daughter, is getting married, and I suspect I ...Read more

What I Love the Most...

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Dear Readers: In celebration of Valentine's Day, I asked you to share what you love most about your partners. And, boy, did you deliver! My inbox was overflowing with touching tributes. It's been such a pleasure sifting through the sweetness, and I'm thankful to each and every one of you who wrote. Below is just a small sampling of some ...Read more

From Giving to Grinch

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I have a good one for you, Annie. This past Christmas, I assembled Italian-dinner care packages for two of my neighbors, with jars of my homemade sauce, homemade meatballs, Italian bread and boxes of spaghetti. For one of the neighbors, I also included a nice candle and a throw blanket. She had knee surgery last year, and I wanted ...Read more



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