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Picture Causing Worry

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Dear Annie: Recently, I got married after being single and a widow for 23 years. My husband and I are in our late 70s and very active. We went on a tour to the Midwest. There was a very attractive 70-plus woman with whom I noticed my husband flirting, and she with him. I mentioned that I did not appreciate the attention he was throwing her way, ...Read more

Bed-Training Twins

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Dear Annie: We are grandparents who have adopted our twin 9-year-old grandchildren, a boy and a girl. They have lived with us permanently since they were 2 years old. They have separate bedrooms upstairs but have always slept together. The past year, they have chosen to sleep on the main floor in the guest bedroom. It is at the point in their ...Read more

Hitting Rough Seas on a Friendly Cruise

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Dear Annie: My wife and I are approaching 50 years of marriage. Recently, we went on a cruise with her childhood friend, "Cindy," and her husband, "Rob." They have been friends since elementary school and Cindy was the maid of honor at our wedding.

During the cruise, Rob made a joke of a comment Cindy made, and I laughed at the delivery, no ...Read more

Friendship on the High Seas

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Dear Annie: I have been going on a Super Bowl cruise for 14 years with the same group of people, including two couples and two ladies, one of whom is married and the other is single. We get together for breakfast every day, and then we break away and I hang out with one of the couples all day. The others usually find us in the afternoon and ...Read more

Social Media Time-Suck

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Dear Annie: I'm feeling conflicted about my phone. Recently, I deleted all my social media apps -- Instagram, TikTok, Twitter -- because I was getting so frustrated about all the time I waste on them. I would just open and close them 100 times a day and waste hours endlessly scrolling. Out of all the content I consumed, probably 95% of it was ...Read more

Plant-Based Pet Peeve

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Dear Annie: I am 40 years old, and I have been eating a plant-based diet since high school. I am in great shape, and my doctor is very pleased with my health status. For over two decades, friends and family have worn me down to where I feel my graciousness is down to kindling when it comes to them challenging what I put on my plate.

Many ...Read more

Too Late for Thank-You Notes?

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Dear Annie: I enjoy your daily column in our local paper. Reading the letter from "Still Grieving" brought back memories of the passing of my husband of 44 years. We had a wonderful memorial service. He would have loved it. On the one-year anniversary of his passing, you could also celebrate their birthday, as we did for my husband. My family ...Read more

Comfort for Pet Lovers

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Dear Annie: Several dear friends have had to put down beloved pets, and I was wondering if you could print the beautiful poem about the Rainbow Bridge? It helped me so much when I lost my beautiful Lucky! -- Missing My Four-Legged Friend

Dear Missing: Please find below a poem that has brought comfort to pet lovers everywhere.

The Rainbow ...Read more

A Life Coach's Take on Couples Therapy

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Dear Annie: The "Mother Whose Heart Is Breaking" is absolutely right to be worried about her son. Over my 30 years as a life coach, I have seen too many men leave their wives and children to find their true selves.

Often in their 20s, they feel pressured by their girlfriends' wishes to marry, biological clocks and their own insecurities and ...Read more

An Old Flame Returns -- 30 Years Later

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Dear Annie: I've been married to the love of my life for 15 years, but the last 10 years have been different from the first five. My wife has been suffering from depression due to some health reasons with her thyroid, but my problem is that she has stopped going to the doctor.

I beg her to go, but it always ends in an argument. Recently, she ...Read more

A Tale of Two Jobs

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Dear Annie: I feel like I made a mistake and need someone outside my circle to assess the situation. I have an amazing job. I get to do what I love, and the work-life balance is incredible. I spend all my time with my family and get to play with my son. I work when I can and am treated like an adult. I'm a microbiology manager and get paid ...Read more

Message Lost in Texting Translation

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Dear Annie: My daughter and her husband have two darling toddler girls who I adore. Their parents had no plans for child care when the first was born and just assumed I would step up. Now the girls are in day care because caring for them full time was too much for me. I still watch them when day care is occasionally canceled or the parents go ...Read more

Cold Feet Persist 20 Years Later

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Dear Annie: Nearly 20 years ago, after a tumultuous breakup, I met and married my current wife. I cared for her, but I did not love her as one should love another when entering into marriage.

After the breakup, and, honestly, before, I was lost. I was in my mid-20s and fearful I would never meet someone, get married and have children, and I ...Read more

Feeling Forgotten

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Dear Annie: I am a widow who lives alone. I have three children, a son and two daughters. They are grown, married and have their own children. I am seeking your opinion and advice.

My children and I have always been close. My youngest daughter has four children -- one still at home. She is divorced due to her ex-husband's infidelity. She lives ...Read more

A Cinderella-like Story

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Dear Annie: Perhaps you can help me understand the biggest mystery of my life. I was an unwanted, unloved child -- a third girl with a brother three years younger than me. My oldest sister, who is 10 years my senior, was a child born in an earlier marriage. She lived with her maternal grandmother until she was about 12 or 13, and her ...Read more

Role Reversal Can Relieve Tension

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Dear Annie: I thought I would share some fantastic advice my husband and I received from a marriage counselor a few years ago during a very difficult patch in our 28-year relationship.

I tend to get worked up over things, i.e., injustices, politics, perceived slights, etc. My husband tends to underreact as a result, thinking he will diffuse ...Read more

Phone Call Etiquette

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Dear Annie: In the waiting room of a clinic, I had to endure a long one-sided conversation by a woman on her cellphone. I can understand getting a call and quietly telling the caller that they will call them back, but people don't seem to do that.

There were at least 10 people in the waiting room, and we all had to listen to this loud, ...Read more

A Rocky Road for Mother and Daughter

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Dear Annie: I recently read your column in which you gave advice on how to deal with a toxic relationship between a mother and adult daughter. I have a similar issue with my 26-year-old daughter who lives with me after my recent divorce. Long story short, my daughter and I have had a tumultuous relationship since she was about 12. Every time ...Read more

Aunt Owes for Rent-Free Living

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Dear Annie: Back in the 1960s, my father inherited some land with houses on it from his uncle who raised him. For some reason, he let his sister, my aunt, and her family move into one of the houses rent-free.

In 2002, my father died. My sister, my brother and I inherited the property. I bought my brother and sister out at an agreed price. My ...Read more



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