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To Tell or Not

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Dear Annie: My former spouse, "Ted," was extremely abusive -- not physically but emotionally, psychologically and financially. He is good at it, and his victims are like a frog in a hot pot. Ted breaks you down so gradually, slowly grooming you to question your perceptions of everything. I've noticed Ted likes to pick women who maybe already ...Read more

My Money, My Problems

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Dear Annie: I have been married for 20 years. When my wife and I first married, I was the sole breadwinner. I had a very good job and made a pretty comfortable living. My wife stayed home and raised our children. In 2008, technological advances rendered my line of work obsolete. I had to start over, reinventing myself in another industry. We ...Read more

Sharing as an Access to Happiness and Connection

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Dear Annie: Lately, I find myself thinking a lot about old roommates, friends and co-workers. I'm talking about people from over 30 years ago, whom I haven't spoken to in decades. I think I would like to tell them how they have impacted my life in positive ways. Should I reach out to them or would that just be self-serving and weird? I mean, ...Read more

Tension With Father's Family

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Dear Annie: My older brother and I have been dealing with a touchy situation for years. We are both adopted; our parents divorced when we were very young, and they both remarried.

Our adoptive father was abusive, and our mother had her own share of issues stemming from major depression. We were primarily raised by our mother and stepfather, ...Read more

The Gift of Sobriety

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Dear Annie: My daughter is the co-owner of a salon in Florida. All the folks there work extremely hard trying to make a living.

Here is the problem: Let's say "Karen" books a hair color treatment that requires three hours to complete on a Thursday. That time frame is now blocked off on the schedule. On Wednesday, Karen is contacted to verify ...Read more

Baby Shower Etiquette

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Dear Annie: I just finished sending a baby gift to the daughter of a friend of mine. She had a registry, and I selected a gift and had it mailed to her with a congratulatory message.

What really bothers me about this is how it was handled. About a month ago, I received an announcement card from the expectant mother and her husband about their...Read more

Slow Service

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Dear Annie: I live in a retirement community. I have an acquaintance who lives alone. "Betty" frequently gets lost and cannot find her way home.

When mutual friends are discussed, she does not know who we are talking about. Betty has no family members who check on her. We have tried to seek help from Adult Protective Services, but they say ...Read more

Love Versus Infatuation

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Dear Annie: My "Laura" is the light of my life. It's been more than a year since we found each other, but my whole body still shakes with anticipation every time I see her. Recently, though, I can't help but feel a growing tension between us. This is my first real romantic relationship, and I know that I have a lot to learn, but Laura can be ...Read more

Let Her Go

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Dear Annie: I am a man in my late 50s. Until recently, I was in a long-distance relationship with a woman -- let's call her "Maria" -- who lives about a thousand miles away from me. Last month, out of the blue, she accused me of cheating on her with her cousin, who lives about 45 minutes away from me. This is 100% not true. I met the cousin ...Read more

Go With True Love

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Dear Annie: I've been seeing this guy for almost a year now. We practically live together, in fact. At first, to be honest, we just "hooked up" for, as he put it, "pleasure." But over the course of about three months of these hookups, our relationship got a little more serious, and now, almost a year later, we have deep feelings for each other...Read more

Distant Daughters-in-Law

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Dear Annie: For years, I have tried to have a relationship with my two daughters-in-law, and at some point, I finally gave up. Now, when we get together, the family gatherings are not horrible. But at best, they are superficial.

It is very difficult to have conversations when they text nearly the entire time -- which I never address -- or ...Read more

Missed the Mark

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Dear Readers: A great many of you wrote to say that I suggested that yoga and diet can cure depression. In no way, shape or form do I believe that. Depression is a disease like any other and requires medical attention, love and support. I suggested medical counseling in a previous column, but I wish I had been clearer in stating my belief that...Read more

A Heart Growing Colder

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Dear Annie: My husband and I got married right before the pandemic. Before the marriage, we lived in different states, 3,000 miles apart. After we got married, the pandemic split us apart again geographically for eight months. We finally got back together, and I was glad to get the opportunity to work from home with him in his city.

We mostly...Read more

Noisy Next-Door Neighbors

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Dear Annie: I believe your answer to "Canine Cacophony" provided some practical advice about how to deal with noisy dogs next door. CC had problems enjoying his/her outdoor space because of the noise.

I'd like to provide another perspective. We have one quiet dog. Our next-door neighbor has three noisy pooches who seem to be outside a lot. My...Read more

Struggling With Student Loans

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Dear Annie: I met a man about four years ago. We started dating a week after we met, upon his insistence. Well, after we were together a year, I found out that he was messaging with a girl online and had been for several months. She didn't want him. Then, a month after that, I heard he cheated on me with someone from work who was in her early ...Read more

Long-Distance Boyfriend

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Dear Annie: I have dated a guy for the last six years, always long-distance. I have loved this man with my whole heart. The issue is we have not met each other's families. He has never met my kids and doesn't even want to. He will not acknowledge our relationship on his social media profiles. His parents know nothing of me. We do not spend ...Read more

Invisible Disabilities

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Dear Readers: Father's Day is coming up, and I'd love to hear from you: What is the most valuable trait that your father (or a father figure in your life) instilled in you? Send your responses to I'll share some here for the holiday.

Dear Annie: A few years ago, after many, many years of going to doctors and having ...Read more

Trying to Mend a Mother-Daughter Relationship

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Dear Annie: My relationship with my parents has been strained since their divorce 20 years ago. I speak to my father rarely but communicate regularly with my mother. My mom recently found a boyfriend. I have a new baby and a son with disabilities. My mother offered to watch my children at our house, and with remote learning, I need all the ...Read more

Unfriended by my Husband

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Dear Annie: My husband and I met in high school and have been married for 23 years. Before we were married, we broke up several times and dated other people. He joined Facebook last year, at the end of August. He friended an old girlfriend from high school.

I got mad, and he responded by blocking me. I have never felt the need to check his ...Read more



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