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Attending Ex's Wedding Enrages Couple's Nephew

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DEAR ABBY: My wife and I have a 45-year-old nephew who married for the first time two years ago. Before that, he was engaged to a woman I'll call Anita for two years. We assumed the reason for their breakup was she wanted children, and he did not. Last year, we attended Anita's wedding, as we are still friendly with her.

Our nephew was, and ...Read more

Man Gets Angry When Wife Resists Catering To His Libido

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DEAR ABBY: I have been married for 30 years. I still work full time, and my husband is now retired. We have had issues during most of our marriage, mainly concerning his not getting enough sex. A couple of times a week isn't sufficient.

In the past, he looked at porn a lot. He likes to take pictures of me that he stores on his phone, wants me ...Read more

Clash Over Money Threatens To Undermine Reconciliation

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DEAR ABBY: My wife, Cynthia, and I are a middle-aged couple who have been married four years. Shortly after our wedding, she suffered a stroke during a heart transplant. After she returned home from the hospital, a friend told her I was having an affair (I wasn't). Without telling me why, Cynthia threw me out of the house and returned to a ...Read more

Man Cuts All Ties To Family After The Death Of His Dog

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DEAR ABBY: Five years ago, my older brother had an accident and needed to live at my parents' house while he recovered. He brought along his 4-year-old dog, Pepper. The dog needed to be on a special diet.

My father, who is a major alcoholic, enjoyed having Pepper there, but because he is an alcoholic, you can't tell him anything he doesn't want...Read more

Passover Host Realizes She Gets No Thanks For Her Effort

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DEAR ABBY: For the last 18 years, I have hosted the Passover Seder in my home. The same people come year after year. My three daughters come and always bring along their friends. It's a lot of work, but I always considered it our special night and was happy to host everyone.

This year, after spending a week in the hospital following a heart ...Read more

Man's Sudden Death Comes With A Shocking Revelation

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DEAR ABBY: A short time ago, I experienced a terrible loss. I came home from work one evening and found Martin, my boyfriend of almost 17 years, dead at the bottom of the stairs. I later found out he had been drinking.

I never saw Martin drinking before. He did it very rarely. He didn't go to bars, and he would never drink and drive. He did ...Read more

Aunt Determines To Keep Girl Safe From Abusive Relatives

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DEAR ABBY: One of my husband's sisters has eight kids, ranging from 15 months to 20 years old. She hasn't taken care of any of them for more than three years. They never saw a doctor, they didn't have food in the house, and she was abusive.

When she lost custody, the ones without dads in the picture went to live with another one of my husband's...Read more

Best Friend Can't Suppress His Crush On Gay Woman

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DEAR ABBY: I am a gay woman. My male best friend has had a crush on me for more than a year. It is so intense that he is almost delusional. We have talked extensively about it. He knows where I stand and that it will never happen, and he says he accepts that. But he can't stand the thought of me spending time with a woman, even if it's just a ...Read more

Couple's Trust Issues Multiply When Old Girlfriend Reappears

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DEAR ABBY: I dated a guy for 10 months. We constantly fought because of his lack of trust. He had been burned in previous relationships. He said, Trust is earned, not given, which isn't my philosophy.

After a recent argument (about lack of trust), I told him this attitude is a deal-breaker, and he needed time to reflect on his issues. I talked ...Read more


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