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Woman Freed From Cooking Is Not Eager To Dive Back In

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DEAR ABBY: I'm a 64-year-old woman, divorced for 27 years. A nice guy I'll call Ronnie has taken me out to lunch and dinner several times. He really likes me and I really like him, but I'm skeptical about getting into a serious relationship because I don't feel like doing a lot of the wife duties anymore, such as cooking.

I know this may sound ...Read more

Bride's Second Wedding Plans Complicate Shower Etiquette

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DEAR ABBY: My younger sister is planning a destination wedding this summer. Recently she had a courthouse wedding for health insurance purposes because she's going back to school full-time.

I am the matron of honor and she also has a maid of honor (which I am confused about; can you have both?). She is still planning her destination wedding ...Read more

Pregnant Worker Fears Reprisal From 'boys Club' Management

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DEAR ABBY: A few months ago, I informed my bosses I was pregnant. Within a week, they were trying to fire me and blame it on other things at work that made no sense and hadn't been issues before. They made me sign a letter of reprimand in our first meeting about the issues.

I spoke with a co-worker who told me she had a similar experience ...Read more

Graduate Longs To Distance Himself From Family Strife

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DEAR ABBY: I'm an 18-year-old guy who's having troubles regarding my family. My parents are divorced, and I moved out of my mom's house after I graduated.

After the divorce, I flipped back and forth between living with either Mom or Dad. I moved into my mother's after an argument with my stepmom, who insists that I call her Mother. I don't ...Read more

Man Puts Drinking Problem On Display In Widow's Yard

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DEAR ABBY: I'm a widowed senior who has been dating a very kind man, Ben, for three years. He's retired; I am not. He does things for and with me, and we enjoy traveling together.

The problem is, Ben usually starts drinking about 3 p.m. at the neighborhood bar. I'm welcome to join him, but I prefer to work at my job or volunteer in the ...Read more

Relative Gladly Funds Niece's Insurance, But Not Vacations

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DEAR ABBY: My 25-year-old niece still lives at home. She works full time and attends college online. She's a hard worker who doesn't do drugs or engage in risky behavior.

I pay her a bonus for every A she earns, and I also pay for her health insurance. While I gladly pay the college bonuses, I have misgivings about continuing to pay for her ...Read more

Marriage Is In Big Trouble Over Husband's Little Lies

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DEAR ABBY: I have been married to my husband for 22 years. We've been together for 26. We've had our ups and downs, and separated for three months back in 2008, but we went to marriage counseling and got back together.

I have recently realized that my husband is an accomplished liar and has been from day one. To top it off, he lies about stupid...Read more

Family Is Silently Horrified By Sister's Midlife Crisis

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DEAR ABBY: My middle-aged younger sister is 12 months into a midlife crisis. She has divorced her husband and abdicated her role as a mother, preferring instead to be a buddy to her teenage sons. She has started sleeping around, smoking pot and drinking -- a lot. Needless to say, our family is very concerned.

This behavior is nothing like her. ...Read more

Newly Out Teenager Seeks Dismissive Mom's Support

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DEAR ABBY: I'm a 17-year-old girl and recently came out to my parents, who are stuck in the it's just a phase mindset. I used to be able to talk with my mom about everything, but now when I talk about my sexuality, she gets quiet and dismissive. It's frustrating. I understand I'm still young and learning things about myself, but I feel like I ...Read more


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