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Wife Of Conspiracy Theorist Focuses On Man's Kindness

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DEAR ABBY: When I was dating my husband, I gave him a lot of leeway. When he told me he listened to a radio show that is known for unscientific views, I ignored it because I found him so charming and kind. Honestly, he treats me better than anyone I've ever known, and I had been in the dating scene for 27 years. During our three-year courtship I...Read more

Teen's Tenuous Relationship With Dad Gets Uncomfortable

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DEAR ABBY: My dad has never really been in the picture. He just pops back in and out whenever he wishes and leaves when things get too hard. He has never had a job or a home since he walked out on my mother when I was 7. Recently he seems to have settled back here in town where my siblings and I live, but for some reason, he maintains contact ...Read more

Friends Add To Woman's Grief By Not Being There For Her

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DEAR ABBY: I'm a retired woman living in a condo complex that houses mostly seniors. During the eight years I have lived here, I've always participated in several monthly social events, and have served on the condo association board. I know most of the other residents and count many of them as friends.

A couple of years ago, my dad moved in ...Read more

Visits With Parents Bring Tears To Daughter's Eyes

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DEAR ABBY: My parents live a simple life, enjoying their days as retirees. They invite me to join them for special occasions at their house (my childhood home) and although the house is organized and tidy, I become ill when I spend more than a few hours under their roof.

Their cleaning practices are questionable. They simply rinse plates and ...Read more

Photo Of Naked Stepsister Is No Longer A Laughing Matter

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DEAR ABBY: I don't like my stepsister, and when she stays with us, I'm forced to share a room with her. The last time she was here I got so mad at her I pretended to send a text message on my cell and secretly took a picture of her as she got out of the shower. I knew it was wrong, but it seemed funny at the time.

I sent it to my boyfriend ...Read more

Man Loses Focus On Life After Close Friend's Death

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DEAR ABBY: A lifelong friend of mine has died unexpectedly. Because he was my age, this brought up issues of my own mortality. We'd had our ups and downs over 25 years, but he moved cross-country to the same city as I'm in and was there for many happy and sad life events, including the deaths of my remaining immediate family and his parents.

I ...Read more

Cause Of Family's Separation Is No Business Of Co-Workers

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DEAR ABBY: As a child, I suffered a lot of abuse from my parents until I finally, at 13, opened up to a teacher. I was removed from my house and spent the remainder of my youth in various foster homes. I never felt like I had a home or family until I was an adult and made my own.

I have cut all ties with my biological family, as I am happier ...Read more

Friend's Husband, Kids Wear Out Welcome In Annual Visit

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DEAR ABBY: Charlotte and I have been friends for 16 years, ever since we met in college. She lives several states away, so we see each other only once a year when she and her family come to town for a long weekend. Beyond this annual get-together, we never chat on the phone, and communication is pretty much limited to social media.

I have known...Read more

Woman Seeks Reconciliation After Betrayal Ends Friendship

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DEAR ABBY: Five years ago, someone I thought was my best friend betrayed me. I had developed a relationship with a married mutual friend. My best friend felt it was her right and duty to out us to our spouses. The affair ended and both of our marriages survived, but our friendship did not.

She has now tried to contact me wanting to be friends ...Read more

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