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Couple's Name Game About To Welcome A New Player

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DEAR ABBY: Our daughter has been married for three years to a wonderful guy she dated for 10 years and loves dearly. Because she doesn't like his last name, she chose to maintain her maiden name. He understood this soon after they started dating.

She's now three months pregnant and facing a dilemma about what to name their child. She's adamant ...Read more

Combative Conversationalist Won't Tone Down His Approach

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DEAR ABBY: My significant other is a super-nice guy, who everyone likes and gets along with -- until the topics of religion, spirituality and afterlife come up. Any discussion of these subjects (whether or not it involves him) is injected with his sarcasm, hostility and sharp criticism.

He refuses to be silent during the discussions and ends up...Read more

New Year's Arrival Offers Chance For A Fresh Start

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DEAR READERS: Welcome to 2022! A new year has arrived, and we leave the last one behind. As always, this new year brings with it our hopes for a new beginning.

Today presents an opportunity to discard destructive old habits for healthy new ones, and with that in mind, I will share Dear Abby's often-requested list of New Year's Resolutions -- ...Read more

Dinner-And-Drinks Invite Makes Teetotaler Uneasy

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DEAR ABBY: My husband, Dan, and I do not consume alcohol, mostly because of our family history. Several years ago while Dan was at a work event, a consultant, Ken, took him and some co-workers out for dinner. Ken ordered a bottle of wine for the table. Not wanting to cause a scene, my husband drank the glass poured for him. Now Ken has invited ...Read more

Young Woman's Temper Has Siblings On Edge

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DEAR ABBY: I have a younger sister I love dearly. I respect and admire her. Elise is intelligent and talented. She is a minister's wife and a mother to small children. Due to some unfortunate family circumstances when she was young, she has some emotional scars she's trying to overcome. Sometimes at family gatherings she'll explode and lash out ...Read more

Absent Husband To One Woman Is Absent Boyfriend To Another

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DEAR ABBY: I have been with my boyfriend for eight years. When I met him he was married, but his wife lived in another state. Although he said he loved her, he would visit her only for a week every other month or so. While he was there, instead of concentrating on her he spent most of his time visiting his friends.

He never intended to leave ...Read more

Man's Weight Gain A Turn-Off For Wife

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DEAR ABBY: I'm in my late 30s and have been married for seven years. My husband and I have two young children, a beautiful home, good jobs, etc. However, over the last few years, I have lost my attraction to him.

I'm not superficial, but he has gained more than 40 pounds since we met, and he refuses to eat healthy or exercise. He watched me ...Read more



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