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Ask Amy: A loving mom wonders why her son is SO single

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Our 30-year-old son, “Thomas,” has a great job, is well-adjusted, and has many friends.

Thomas is outgoing and goes out with groups of friends, some of whom are married.

He is not dating anyone and hasn't “dated” (that we know of) since high school (i.e. going to proms, dances, etc.).

Thomas and I have a close relationship and talk about most any topic, except his lack of dating or of having a special someone in his life.

I want to ask him why he doesn't date, but I don't want to put him on the spot in case that is not something he wants to talk about with his mother.

My husband is not a very good communicator and I think if he asked our son this question, it would be a very awkward conversation for both of them.


My husband and I joke to him that we need some grandchildren soon (he is our only child) and we all laugh it off without any real responses.

If Thomas is happy not being in a relationship or dating, that is fine, as he seems very happy with everything else in life.

It seems odd to me that he and I can talk about most other things, and yet I never bring this topic up to him.

We did superficially discuss dating when he was in high school, but nothing since.


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