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Ask Amy: Friend is uncomfortable with overshares

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: “Sandy” and I are close friends from college. Our friend group has stayed close, despite living in different states.

We have a group text chat, and occasionally get together.

Recently, Sandy has been going through a rough patch after a painful divorce.

She is something of an “influencer” on social media and has been sharing all of her personal experiences about her mental health journey publicly.

I feel conflicted about the disparity between her public sharing and the lack of openness within the very safe space of our close-knit group.

While I understand that social media is her chosen outlet, I don’t understand why she would do this instead of confiding in a group of people who actually know her well.


I’m very private and find it strange when others overshare on social media.

Additionally, Sandy hasn’t initiated any conversation with me in a long time.

I have very young children at home and a demanding work schedule. I often feel drained and unable to manage it all – however I refrain from airing these issues publicly and only share these things within our friend group.

Should I reach out to Sandy and note her recent posts, asking how I can support her? If the answer is yes, how can I handle my frustration over her choices?


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