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Ask Amy: Parents worry about son’s SEAL plan

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Well, his mother started messaging with me on Facebook and she really wants to get back into his life. She wants to apologize for the mistakes she has made.

I invited her over to our house without telling my boyfriend. He blew up when he saw her and now says that he wants to break up with me.

I was just trying to help mend his relationship with his mom! What can I do to get him to come back?

– Devastated

Dear Devastated: What you did shows a serious lack of respect for your guy, and for the boundary he has set with his mother.

Even though you say you meant well, doing all of this behind his back was devious – of both of you.


In my far-off view, it seems that you got “played” by his mother. If she wanted to apologize to him, she could have written him a letter.

And now – you owe him an apology, as well as a promise to respect his boundaries with family members.

An apology might not get him to come back to you, but you owe it to him, anyway.

Dear Amy:“Wondering Employee” was uncomfortable when the boss said he had given up his raise so they could have theirs.


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