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Ask Amy: Young parents tangle over custody

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My youngest son "Thomas" dated "Allyssa" sporadically during high school.

It was a volatile relationship (he's non-confrontational, she loves drama).

Allyssa became pregnant at the end of his senior year (her junior year).

He took a paternity test to confirm that he was the father. They managed to work out visitation (nothing legal).

Thomas has "Trent" three days a week (overnight). Trent is now 10 months old. Thomas loves him so much.

The problem is that every time Thomas starts dating someone, Allyssa starts using the baby as a pawn.


She doesn't want her son to be around another girl, and makes up terrible lies about the girl as reasons to keep the baby away.

When Thomas tries to keep a good friendship between him and Allyssa for the baby's sake, Allyssa thinks he wants to resume their romance.

When she doesn't get what she wants, it's total drama. I know a lot of this is immaturity, but she also has an unhealthy obsession with my son.

She has been in therapy, but says it is only to please her mother.


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