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Ask Amy: New neighbors endanger their children

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The bride is in her 50s, so most of the guests will be 50 years old and up.

Can you just see us all sitting on hay bales, wearing formal attire?

It’s going to be interesting.

– Too Old for Nonsense

Dear Too Old: Rustic/formal weddings are trendy. And these weddings are starting to seem as artificial as a drive-thru Las Vegas chapel.

As someone who grew up on a dairy farm, actually sitting on hay bales, I assure you that no amount of cloth will prevent those gnarly stiff and prickly pieces of hay from poking into your undercarriage.

You might want to bring along one of those insulated seats people take to football games.

Now that’s classy!

Dear Amy: “Concerned Grandma” was upset because her son let his teenage kid drink at home.


My dad brought me up with what he called "controlled rebellion."

If I wanted to drink, I could drink at home, if I wanted to smoke weed, I did it at home. With me, it worked. I never got in a car with someone who was drinking, I never got date raped, arrested or pregnant.

My point is, there are no absolutes. Every child is different and it should be no concern to grandma about how the grandkids are being raised.

– Former Teen

Dear Teen: You are right about absolutes. But “Concerned Grandma” was mainly worried about the history of alcoholism in the family.


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