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Ask Amy: Friend plans to lose her home, gain an RV

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

She told me that her daughter and the daughter’s girlfriend are taking over her house, while she will live in the basement.

They will pay the mortgage and buy the house in about a year.

She and her boyfriend are going to get out of debt, save their money, and, in a year, buy their RV.

I’m concerned because the one thing she has always had is her house.

It’s the house she grew up in.

No house, no foundation. I’ve met the guy once, and he seems to be a good guy.


She did an amazing job working on herself the past two years, but I believe she is jumping in way too quickly.

I want to know how to express my concerns. Or should I just be happy for her?

– Best Friend Forever

Dear BFF: Close, intimate, long-time friends get to tell one another the truth, as long as they also accept the possible consequences.


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