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Ask Amy: A mom worries about sweating it out

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband and I have been talking about spending more time outside, whether it be working, camping, or just sitting outside.

I LOVE working outside and I LOVE working with my husband. We work so well together that when we get on the same page, we can get a lot accomplished.

My problem is that I've been so busy raising the kids (I'm a SAHM) that my work ethic isn't there and I can't work outside for more than five minutes without sweating my head off!

I feel like I've been so spoiled by turning the air conditioner on as much as I have been, but when there's no breeze and it's 80°F, I have to turn it on, otherwise it gets so hot in our kids’ room that they struggle to sleep.

I do open windows and we leave ceiling fans on all the time (hot or cold).

Is there anything else I can do to keep it comfortable without turning on the air?


I feel so lazy (or too spoiled) because I can't stand working outside anymore.

My past jobs were housekeeper at a feed mill, welder, general laborer for a feedlot.

I know I used to be able to handle the heat. And I know I miss working outside with my husband.

Do I just need to push through until I get acclimated to the heat again?


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