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Ask Amy: Broadway musical trip has second act problems

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My friend “Annie” and I are both in our mid-20's and love musicals. We decided to travel to New York in October to see a few shows.

The tickets were fairly pricey, so I was planning on saving money by staying with a friend who lives in the city. I thought my friend could probably make room for Annie, too.

After we agreed on the dates and shows, Annie sent me a screenshot with an order confirmation for her tickets, accompanied by a message saying she'd invited her husband and hoped that was OK.

I was frustrated. It was the first time in our planning she'd mentioned her husband coming. The way she did it really boxed me in.

Her husband and I are friends, but the past few times he joined us for shows he fell asleep and audibly snored.

If she had brought it up earlier, I would have pushed back.


I now have two questions: First, my friend can't host three extra people in their tiny apartment.

Is it all right if I leave Annie and her husband to find a hotel on their own?

How do I express that even though I like her husband, I don't always want him included on every trip; and that she needs to ask way earlier in the planning process if she wants to bring him?

– Broadway Blues


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