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Ask Amy: Grandson’s name causes angst for grandma

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My youngest daughter recently gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby boy (our fourth grandchild but first grandson).

I am having difficulty with the baby’s chosen name.

His first name, “Louis,” is after the baby’s father, and a family name — so he is the fourth male to be named that. I find it confusing and paternalistic but otherwise I like the name. It’s our grandson’s middle name I’m having the most difficulty with.

His middle name: “Randall” is my husband’s middle name, and it was his father’s name.

I know my daughter is honoring her father by giving the baby his middle name. What she doesn’t know is that my husband does not have one happy or warm memory of his father that he has ever shared (his father has been deceased for many years).

My husband is very guarded with his words and feelings — but the things he has shared point to a cold and emotionally abusive father.


I didn’t know beforehand what the middle name of the baby was going to be and so couldn’t discuss it with my daughter and her husband.

Is this something I just need to get over? I feel sick when I think about it, and wish my beautiful grandson had his own name.

– Upset Grandma

Dear Upset: Your beautiful grandson does have his own name. And he shares a middle name with his wonderful grandfather.


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