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Ask Amy: Lovebirds encounter a serious red light

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: When people write to you, would you be willing to change the word “girl” to “woman” or “young woman” when people refer to adults in their questions?

Calling a woman a “girl” is demeaning and sexist. You have a powerful, feminist voice. I wish you would tell the world that you are doing this.

I think it would be eye-opening for a lot of folks.

– Another Amy

Dear Amy: I agree that referring to women as “girls” is demeaning and sexist. And yet, most often (at least in the questions sent to me), other women are using these terms, referring to: “girls’ night out,” “girlfriends” “a girl I work with,” etc.

I believe this language reveals the basic attitude of the writer.


Overall, I appreciate the way people tell their own stories, and I like to leave these stories in the voice of the writer.


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