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Ask Amy: Husband says wife must not roam from home

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

If I tell her I've had lunch in a nearby town, she'll ask where and later book a table.

I spend time researching what I buy, where I shop, and new places to visit.

It feels like she uses me as a concierge or personal shopper.

I used to joke with my husband, "Let's see how long it takes her to buy one like this." Over time, though, her behavior has worn thin. It infuriates me.

Is she being competitive? Envious? Clueless?

She sometimes does the same thing with her daughters.


I hope you can offer a fresh perspective that will make it possible for me to broach the subject with her.

– Copied

Dear Copied: The “appropriate” response is to feel flattered.

Your actual response is to feel annoyed. Part of the joy of your curation-experience is to find special items or experiences that are unique to you.


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