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Ask Amy: Stepmother’s generous cooking leaves out the ‘love’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

One problem is that this person is about 11 years younger than me.

I feel ashamed of my feelings for this new girl (I haven't cheated on my girlfriend, but I have hidden my relationship with this new person).

I keep thinking about my girlfriend. I think that I should break up to make it easier for my girlfriend to find someone else, but I also think that I am creating issues for no reason.

I’d really appreciate your advice.

– Torn

Dear Torn: I’m trying to imagine the circumstances that would require you essentially living a completely secret life. I assume that maintaining this secret requires that you and your girlfriend consistently lie to your family, friends, and colleagues.


I assume your love for each other is very strong, but – because of your current misgivings – you should have a frank and honest conversation about the reality of your situation, and whether this is the best way for you both to live.

I cannot tell you to break up. It is obviously time for you to consider all the consequences of staying together, especially if you want to have children.

Dear Amy: Regarding the recent conversation in your column about Barbies.

I have loved Barbies since I was a kid. I would invent stories, with lots of pretend play.


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