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Ask Amy: Serious illness is dismissed as psychosomatic

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It is a tough realization that your family values are different from theirs, but if you’ve exhausted every reasonable effort to see them, you will have to accept it.

Dear Amy: I enjoyed your “Best of” column devoted to the occasional challenges faced by short people.

Years ago, our firm hired a super-duper Mr. Fix It guy.

He had a series of conference phone calls, and always sounded very tough and gruff.

I pictured a John Wayne or General Patton type of guy.

I met him in person one day, and he was short and petite, but with a booming voice.

I said to him, "You sound much taller on the phone.”

He laughed and responded, "No this is the tallest I have ever been!”


It was great.

– A Reader

Dear Reader: What strikes me is that any person outside of what might be considered the “norm” (whatever that currently is), seems to need a great comeback line.

That’s unfortunate.


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