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Signed: Reverend Dr. Kay Palmer Marsh”

It’s hard to understand why these parents would choose protection for themselves, but not their child.

The good news for you – and your family -- is that you and the child’s parents are vaccinated (and hopefully boosted) and are thus protected from the worst outcome of the disease, should your granddaughter carry the virus home.

However, you have already made your case to them.

Stay calm, try not to worry, and if they bring this up, urge them to follow the advice of their child’s pediatrician and the CDC.

Dear Amy: Responding to the heartbreaking letter from “Gutted in Illinois,” who had just gone through an extremely traumatic birth, only to have her mother-in-law refuse to help, you didn’t suggest that her husband should step up.

I would encourage anyone else in the situation to call on family members/husband to assist with confrontations AND housework!


– Been There

Dear Been There: “Gutted” didn’t mention a husband, and I was left wondering if he was on the scene.


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