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– Worried Gram

Dear Gram: In November, I published a heartbreaking account of a previous pandemic, which outlined the terrible risks of transmission of some viruses, as well as the miracle of vaccination. I’m reprinting it here:

“My mother died in 1957 in the Asian flu pandemic. I caught the virus at school (I was in kindergarten) and passed it on to her.

We lived in Aurora, Ohio.

My teacher didn’t know there was at least one student in her classroom who passed it on to me, and perhaps other students. No one was masked.

I remember being quite sick, and I remember my shock and sadness as a 5-year-old on the morning that my mother died.


Catching that illness at school created deadly havoc in our home and has haunted me my whole life.

I’m 69 years old now, and the loss of my mother certainly changed the lives of my sister and our father.

This COVID-19 pandemic has brought back many memories, and I am a strong advocate of precautions, including masks and vaccines.

Please continue to emphasize masks and vaccines in your column.


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