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Ask Amy: Widow feels left out of in-law’s bequest

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Torn: You’ve been a quiet witness to this annual appeal.

This is an ethical concern for you, and you should not expect a gay couple to care more about this than you do.

If you don’t believe that your particular congregation should endorse and participate in this campaign because of the discriminatory beliefs of its founder, you should take your concerns to your church’s governing body, not to these individuals.

Dear Amy: You ran a question from and overwhelmed preacher’s daughter, including an elaborate answer from a pastor on how to frame her choice to pull back from church activities.

This bothered me! She should tell her father the truth, not develop a fanciful explanation for the fact that she is exhausted and needs to stop!

– A Preacher’s Kid


Dear Preacher’s Kid: Well said. Thank you.


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