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Ask Amy: Widow feels left out of in-law’s bequest

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

But sometimes people bestow a gift and never receive an equivalent return.

Let your own kids’ spouses know that you treasure the relationship with them.

Write these notes now – and send them now!

And yes, leave these in-laws something special (just for them) in your will.

Dear Amy: I’ve become friendly with a married couple (both women) who recently started attending our small Protestant church. They chose our church because of its progressive and inclusive attitude toward LGBTQ people.

This couple has decided to spearhead a Christmas campaign asking fellow congregants to donate gifts through a national charity run by a well-known evangelist whose anti-gay stance is common knowledge.


Members of our church have participated in this for several years, but I decided (quietly) that I would direct my Christmas charity elsewhere and choose not to donate.

This is the first year that the campaign has been led by a gay couple, and I wonder if they realize that the leader of the national charity believes that gay people are “adulterers,” and “godless sinners.”

Should I tell them?

– Torn


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