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Ask Amy: Pandemic shuts down long-distance love

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Dear Tired: You don’t “get” your son to move out.

You “tell” him it’s time for him to move out, and you calmly give him a deadline — perhaps January 1.

Tell him that if he needs help finding a place, he can ask his sisters – or you — for advice, but otherwise, you’re confident that he can manage it.

Based on what you describe, your son seems to have some life skills. Now it’s time for you both to take that last big step.

If he won’t leave, then there are a number of steps you can take to urge — and (if necessary) legally force — him out, but if you get started now, it shouldn’t come to that.

Dear Amy: “Good Auntie” wrote to you, saying she didn’t want to go along with her adolescent niece’s pronoun change (to “they/them”).

You (of course, because you are a bleeding-heart liberal) suggested that she should follow the girl’s lead and respect her wishes, even if they’re “temporary.”


Wrong again!

– Disgusted Reader

Dear Disgusted: I think of myself more as a values-driven humanist, but regardless, I do know a LOT about how to be a “Good Auntie,” and loving and accepting a child through their adolescent turmoil is the answer.


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