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Ask Amy: This relationship really needs a payday

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Yes, lice tend to visit "clean hair," but that doesn't help to alleviate the discomfort of it.

I chose to say nothing and now I wonder if I should have vocalized the information.

There were five other long-haired girls in the family and my concern now is that they might become infected, also.

What would you have done?

– Second Guessing My Silence

Dear Second Guessing: I wouldn’t have done anything.

If you were a dermatologist and noticed a potentially serious growth on the back of a head in the pew in front of you (located in a place where a person couldn’t see it), then you should speak up.

But nits don’t necessarily become lice. And lice aren’t a serious threat to life and limb (as you know).

Dear Amy: Thank you for sticking up for the teenager who brought his “lovey” to his grandmother’s house [“Embarrassed Gran”].


I am a married dad and I’ve had my stuffed panda in my room since, well, since forever.

I guess this goes against the grain, gender-wise, but I’m cool with it, and my kids seem to feel the same way.

– Secure

Dear Secure: It seems that your panda has done a very good job.


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