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Ask Amy: This relationship really needs a payday

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Steve’s daughter comes first. If she is entitled and spoiled, then he helped to create this monster, and a monster she will remain – at least for the next few years.

Many small businesses rely on family members to provide hours of free labor, but according to you, the business you and Steve operate is successful. Your choice to work for free is a true head-scratcher.

If one of your adult children described a situation where they were deeply ensconced in a personal and business relationship identical to yours, what advice would you give?

My point is that you should take a long and careful look at your own situation and ask yourself if you are with someone who is controlling the women in his life through money.

Dear Amy: Recently, my family and I attended a church that was not our home parish, and we did not know the members.

The family in front of me was sitting on their pew as I knelt from behind.


The position I was in gave me a close-up view of the blond long-haired teenage girl sitting directly below my gaze.

She clearly had two lice nits affixed to her hair (shining from the bright overhead lights).

In my experience as a teacher for 37 years, I have encountered this situation numerous times, but on those occasions, I had sent the child to the nurse without having to discuss the reason (a phone call was made to the nurse prior to child's arrival).

I would never intentionally embarrass someone or bring something unpleasantly personal to their attention.


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