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Ask Amy: This relationship really needs a payday

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

If I bring up to Steve that I think we help her way too much, I'm the bad guy.

Am I wrong in not wanting to help her so much?

I also need to add that I do not get a paycheck, nor do I have any money unless I ask Steve for it.

All while his daughter constantly tells her father that she won't do anything for him.

I am just now putting my foot down about being brought into all decisions being made.

I love him and want to stay, but am I just wasting my remaining happy years on nothing?


– Marred in Maine

Dear Marred: You criticize “Steve’s” daughter for being entirely dependent on her father, and yet you are, too.

The difference between you and this young woman is she is not working hard but is still receiving compensation; you are working hard — but are not getting paid.

You might ask her for tips on how to pry a paycheck out of her father.


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