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Ask Amy: ‘Real-life’ relationship brings up real problems

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I've met a wonderful man. We've been dating for seven months — three online during COVID, and four months in real life.

We're older (I'm 45, he's 40) and have talked about moving in together and possibly having children. The problem is his ex-girlfriend. They dated for two years, then split up and stayed friends. Over the last 10 years, she's remained a large part of his life.

She calls and texts him constantly. They go hiking and camping almost every weekend, and she attends all of his family events. I haven't even been invited to a family games’ night yet, but when I am finally invited, his ex will be right there when I finally meet his siblings and their families. Oh, and because the family lives in the next town over, we'll be carpooling with her.

While he says that I'm his priority, I feel like I'm fighting for a place in his life where there already is a girlfriend.

Am I wrong to think this is weird? Or should I accept that she is part of the family and suck it up?

– No Package Deal


Dear No Deal: Your guy’s close friendship with his ex might be unusual, but … let’s do you.

Why are you seriously considering cohabiting and having children with someone when you have such an important (and basic) question about his other relationships?

If I told you that your guy’s situation is not at all “weird,” would you rush forward with confidence that your own instincts and feelings would cease to matter so much?

Your feelings are completely valid. Because they are yours.


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