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Ask Amy: Beach house vacay could take a toll

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Our son “Tom” received a heart transplant 10 years ago.

He's done great. He is very diligent about keeping in shape, taking his meds, and eating a healthy diet.

Tom’s wife “Tracy” works in a nursing home. Throughout COVID, they've both been extremely careful. Everyone in our family, including Tom and Tracy were vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.

Tom’s heart failure and subsequent transplant was the result of an acute viral myocarditis, so we have a healthy respect for the destruction that a virus can cause. Our family has been extra cautious because of Tom’s immunosuppressed status (and understand that because of that status, it's likely he has reduced protection from COVID-19 even though he's been vaccinated).

Next month, Tom and Tracy plan to share a beach house with her sister, sister's husband, and their 3-year-old daughter.

Tracy’s father “Lou” will also be there and will be the only unvaccinated adult present.


Tracy says her father's refusal to be vaccinated has caused some friction in their relationship and that, even though she's disappointed in his choice, she doesn't want to discuss it with him.

My husband and I are livid.

What's our role here (if any)? We'd like to contact Lou to let him know how his decision affects not just him, but also Tom, Tracy, and potentially her nursing home residents, as well as his granddaughter, who is too young to be vaccinated. His decision could literally kill our son.

While it would be therapeutic for us to share our concerns, it's unlikely to change his mind.


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