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Ask Amy: Elder mom should yield, and stop driving

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My very capable 87-year-old mom is becoming less capable. She lives alone in her home, which is mostly OK, but everything is a challenge for her, largely due to her failing eyesight.

She’s a computer whiz, but it has become very difficult for her to operate with the added security and other changes to the websites she’s always been able to use.

We’ve decided to move her closer to family, and when we do, we plan to take away the car keys.

She understands completely that the move is necessary, but we anticipate a battle about the keys.

Can you recommend a book or website that would be helpful for all of us (including my mom) to navigate the near future?

— Concerned Daughter


Dear Concerned: Your mother’s physician could be very helpful in assessing her eyesight (and other physical factors) which would affect her ability to drive safely.

Moving to a new location provides opportunities for family members to persuade her to stop driving (without using the phrase, “We’re going to take away your keys”).

The roads will be unfamiliar, and she might see it as an overall hassle to have and maintain her own vehicle in her new home.

Both the AARP ( and AAA ( offer safe driving courses for older drivers, both in-person and online.


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